3 Kinds Of Videos You Can Make To Use In Your Twitter Ads

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3 Kinds Of Videos You Can Make To Use In Your Twitter Ads

Videos are an awesome medium of content even with Twitter’s 140 rule and limitation. In fact, especially when it comes to Twitter ads, video content is probably the most effective kind of ad you could put up on Twitter. However, that doesn’t mean that you swarm your audience with marketing videos alone. Rather, here are three kinds of [indirectly marketing] videos that you can use effectively and engagingly in your Twitter ads:

1) Video Product Catalog

Rather than blatantly promoting your products, make a video catalog of your products simply to create an ambience and impression around them. In other words, simply and concisely showcase your products via a video on Twitter. The quick content and the visual appeal such videos create will be enough to entice your viewers to click on your ad.

2) How-To Video

How-to videos are ruling the roost at the top of the popularity hierarchy of online video content. So it makes sense that using a how-to video in your Twitter ad is an effective strategy. And, if you’re worried about the limited video content you’re restricted to posting on Twitter, don’t; that’s your advantage. For, if your instructional video gives your viewers something interesting and of value to watch, you can encourage them to click on the ad and view the rest of your video on your website (which they will, if they liked the start and subject matter of your how-to video).

3) Showcase or Walkthrough Video

A showcase or walkthrough video is a great way to directly introduce a product of yours to your viewers. For instance, showing a video of how to use your app is a simple yet perfect opportunity to tell your potential customers what your product can do (and how). It simultaneously promotes your product directly (without using any blatant marketing tactics), and also teaches viewers how to use your product.

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