3 Guidelines For Writing Web Content

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3 Guidelines For Writing Web Content

Considering how the rules of SEO have changed over time, it can be really confusing to figure out today what you should and shouldn’t do when writing the web content for a website. For unlike the yesteryear of the World Wide Web, you can’t pass of any keyword-rich copy off on the Internet: Users now expect useful, humanized content that they can read, understand, find relevant to what they’re looking for, and enjoy above everything else. And hence, search engines enforce the same criteria for web content in order to rank them highly in results.

So, for those of you who are confused over what the “actual rules” are for writing Web content in 2017, don’t fret. Just follow the three instructs below and consider them blanket guidelines for any kind of Web content that you’re writing:

1) Write for Humans

Writing content for the World Wide Web should not be done by keeping search engine rules in mind. True, you want your content to be found by search engines. But remember your endgame: You want to get actual human users to visit your website and engage with your content. Hence, always write you content in a way that shows you’re communicating to actual humans.

2) Write Relevantly to the Web Page and Website Hosting the Content

Is the content your writing for a website about automobiles? Or is it for an ecommerce site that sells products online? Or is it a lifestyle blog? The niche you’re writing for – and the website and web page in question – is very important. For, whatever you write as content here has to be utterly relevant to that specific niche, website, and web page.

3) Do Not Over Optimize Your Content

Over optimizing your content for search engines can actually make your content less effective. So only follow the SEO “rules” that suit your content niche. Going overboard with optimization techniques (especially now) can, in fact, lower your search ran

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