3 Free Tools That Will Make Content Marketing, Organizing & Scheduling Much Easier

3 Free Tools That Will Make Content Marketing, Organizing & Scheduling Much Easier

Content is the lifeblood that keeps any marketing strategy alive. And so, while there are a number of free tools out there that can help you with your content marketing strategy, the truth is you have other more indirect payments you need to organize other than outright cost. Time is one of those payments. And often, chaos is the other. After all, you don’t just have a number of content topics to get out on your blog on time. And that’s not even the half of it. You need to first find topics, research content, organize your research, draft/create the actual content, edit it, and then publish it and share it on blogs, websites, and social media alike. Now, likely, you have more than one blog. And, depending on the frequency of your posting schedule for each of the blogs you’re in charge of (i.e., once a week, twice, thrice, every weekday, every weekend, etc.), you’ll need content relevent to both your blog’s niche as well as your schedule (for instance, if your blog and business is into baking, you can’t post a topic on Christmas cookies and holiday snacking gifts in June).

And if you collaborate with a team, then your content marketing strategy just got a lot more hectic.

Which is why, help you plow through this chaos and schedules, you should use the following three free tools to schedule, organize, and stay caught up with your content marketing strategy:

Google Calender

1) Google Calendar

All you need is a Gmail account that you can sign into and then create a New Calendar from your dashboard. Now, you can create events for each topic, their edits, and their publishing schedule. You can even colour code the events and share the calendar with your teammates.





2) Trello

Trello is a free collaboration tool where you can create boards, cards, and lists in order to keep track of all your projects in all its varying stages.



3) Wunderlist

No organization tools list is complete without a to-do list. And that’s precisely what Wunderlist is: A to-do list manager. Here, you can not only jot down your plans, but you can also set reminders and alerts, share the lists with other collaborators, access them on all your devices, and even add hashtags and notes.



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