3 Free Monitor Tools For Your Brand On Social Media

Social Media Monitor Tools

3 Free Monitor Tools For Your Brand On Social Media

So, you have your website and your social media accounts set up and you’ve been working hard to get your brand out on the Web and make it familiar, engaging, and interactive. But, how do you know how well your brand is actually doing? How do you learn which social media accounts are driving traffic and which aren’t doing much for your brand’s visibility?

Well, the short answer to that is “analytics”. But, there’s no reason you can’t use Web tools to monitor your brand on social media – and that’s exactly what this article tackles. Even better, the three tools mentioned below are free to use!

1) TweetDeck

TweetDeck is the app to go for if you’re looking to monitor your brand on Twitter. It not only helps you schedule and post to your Twitter account, but it also gives you good analytical data regarding how your brand is performing on Twitter, and allows you to stream your feeds in real time. You can even combine this app with the Buffer app as well. Plus, there’s no limit to how many Twitter accounts you can manage with this app.

2) Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is for you to monitor and manage everything Facebook about your brand. It helps you understand your Facebook statistics, lets you run and manage Facebook contests, brings to your attention which of your Facebook metrics need extra tweaking and interference, and also lets you know if your Facebook page is performing below or above average (etc.). Plus, at the same time, this app gives you tips and lessons on how to market your brand better on Facebook.

3) Social Clout

Social Clout is an app that gathers all relevant data to your brand from blogs, social media, forums, etc., and gives your real-time reports that will tell you how your brand is doing on social media and the World Wide Web as a whole. It lets you monitor your brand’s overall social media health ranking on the Web.

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