3 Free Browser Extensions That Will Speed Up Your Social Media Posts

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3 Free Browser Extensions That Will Speed Up Your Social Media Posts

Online marketing can be a lengthy process, especially as we need to usually manage multiple online platforms at a time. Add to that the distracting and (addictively) fun nature of social media in itself, and it’s easy to see yourself losing time. So, to help online marketers fit in the required number of social media posts and shares despite their busy schedules, the Internet has struck again by providing us with some handy-dandy browser extensions to make our work easier.

Here are three of those time-saving browser extensions for you to install. (And the best part is, you can just install the free versions of them before you consider the paid versions):

1) Grammarly

Grammarly, the current reigning monarch of the editing apps on the Internet, is a must have browser extension for any online marketer. For, once you install it, Grammarly will edit your post as and when you type it no matter which program or platform you are typing in. Alternately, you can also copy the content and paste it on the Grammarly website, or upload a document. But we’re concentrating on time-saving processes here, which is why you should definitely get the Grammarly browser extension. (Note: A green symbol means you’re good to post, red means you have corrections to apply.)

2) Hootlet

Hootlet is the browser extension of Hootsuite. And, like Hootsuite, Hootlet allows you to schedule and manage social media posts. The only difference is, you can now do this directly from your browser: Simply find an article you want to share, click the Hootlet button on the browser, and then just decide whether or not to edit the post, which social media site you want to share the post to, and when you want it shared.

3) RocketBolt

RocketBolt is an email tracking app. But the speciality about RocketBolt is that it tells you the “specific person” that is reading your email, thereby giving you even more specialized data. (Note: The browser button is a prop, but it unlocks RocketBolt’s features and makes it work with your email accounts.)

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