3 Factors That Will Psychologically Influence Your Content

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3 Factors That Will Psychologically Influence Your Content

Maybe your writing skills are technically excellent. Maybe your content is right on the pulse of the most viral trends. Maybe your blog’s design has been tweaked to death to ensure that your audience will find it easy to navigate and a easy on the eyes. But, despite all that, maybe you’re still finding that you’re not gaining a loyal following for your content; that you’re not finding readers and viewers who want to keep coming back to your site for more of your content.

Well, there could be a multitude of reasons for that. But, for the most part, those reasons usually fall within the realm of three basic factors: Connection, Competence, and Relevance.

1) Connection

If your content is cold and clinical, then it doesn’t matter how sound the information is or how knowledgeable you are: Readers aren’t going to come back. Because, they are going to need to feel like they are reading content by another human being, someone whose writing voice they can connect to. Hence, you need to develop a voice that is warm and inviting and unique to yourself in order to connect with your audience and [thereby] gain loyal followers.

2) Competence

Research is the blogger’s friend. And while you don’t need to be surgical in your delivery, you do need to be just professional sounding enough for your readers to take you seriously and follow you. Linking to reliable sources, as well as communicating clearly, concisely, and logically is a good way to appear competent in your chosen subject.

3) Relevance

When you produce content, make sure that it is relevant and updated in order to draw in loyal followers. For example, if your content is about current pottery techniques, you can’t just talk about techniques and origins that existed decades ago; you need to include the relevant pottery styles and methods of today as well.

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