3 Easy Ways To Ensure Your WordPress Blog Posts Are Effectively Optimized

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3 Easy Ways To Ensure Your WordPress Blog Posts Are Effectively Optimized

If you’re using your WordPress blog to attract traffic for your brand online, then you’ll know that simply having a blog with good content is not enough. You need to also optimize your blog so that search engines and social media users can find you. (This statement is taking it for granted that you are sharing your blog posts on social media. So if you’re not, start doing so right now!)

To that end, here are three simple ways to effectively SEO optimize your WordPress blog

1) Install a good SEO plugin

The Yoast SEO plugin from WordPress is a good option, especially if you already use a custom WordPress blog. However, just installing it isn’t enough: While the plugin will make your blog’s SEO better and easier to manage, you should first learn how to use this plugin and how to use it well.

2) Research keywords for each blog post

The worst thing you can do is assume that you already know the best keywords for your blog post. Don’t do that. Use a keyword tool to find the most popular keywords related to your blog post’s topic. Because popular keywords change almost every day depending on the topic.

3) Focus one one main keyword per blog post

Don’t pick a number of popular keywords that you have to artfully twist into your blog post like a blogging version of rocket science. Instead, focus on one main keyword – or two at the most – that will be the main keyword for a particular blog post. (Related keywords you shouldn’t focus on too much. Rather, just let them occur naturally in the post.) Then, ensure that that one keyword appears once in your blog post’s title, once in the permalink/URL, and once in the meta description (and, of course, at least once or thrice in the main body).

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