3 Cool Tips On Creating Your Facebook Live Videos

Facebook live videos

3 Cool Tips On Creating Your Facebook Live Videos

Videos, as you probably well know, are all the rage right now. And Facebook videos especially are making waves more than videos on any other social media platform. Thus, it’s no surprise that Facebook Live is a popular and trending tool and that everyone wants to get in on the live Facebook video broadcasting action. In fact, you probably already use Facebook Live. And if so, great! And if not, it would be a very good idea for you to give it a whirl.

If you have used Facebook Live, though, and are still using it to create great videos, then inculcate the following creative tips to make your video even more awesome:

1) Questions, Questions, and More Questions

Remember that the more interactive your Videos are, the better they are. And what’s the best way to get your audience engaged in your video? Questions. Lot of questions. And this goes both ways: Initiate conversation. Ask your audience questions about what they think (on what your video is discussing), and invite question and answer sessions (either questions at random or questions specific to the topic of your video, or both). This kind of engagement is what will really boost your reach.

2) Invite Background Questions

Don’t fret: We’re not talking about your background, but rather the background of the video your shooting: as in, the location you’re shooting at. It doesn’t matter whether that means you’re at an outside location somewhere or in your home office. Give your audience a little peek into where you are and encourage questions about what they see in the background and around you.

3) Prepare but Don’t Overprepare

This is an important one: You certainly need to have an idea about your topic and a general idea of what your video will contain and what concepts you will talk about this session. But don’t overdo it. Live videos are supposed to be pretty raw and honest. And sometimes the best bits of your video are the ones you could have never planned.

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