3 Best Free SEO Tools

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3 Best Free SEO Tools

The modern Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) has a lot to contend with. For, if a popular search engine algorithm isn’t changing one moment, then new web tools (for digital marketing) are coming into existence in another moment. So, suffice to say that a digital marketer or an SEO will constantly find himself or herself in the position of changing their SEO tactics in order to keep up with the changing digital marketing trends. And that’s precisely the scenario with digital marketing right at this moment: For SEO has shifted from being a technique to optimize website content for search engine visibility to a technique to optimize user experience. And that’s not even considering the fact that more and more analytical and insight web are coming up in the market – tools that digital marketers need to keep up with to stay competent in the field.

Now, speaking of those tools, there are actually a number of them out there – both paid web analytical tools as well as unpaid or free web analytical tools. And some of the more effective (free) SEO tools are as follows (because really, any good digital marketer will take advantage of the free ones before they decide to use paid ones)

1) Google Search Console:

Formerly known as “Google Webmaster Tools”, this tool lets you see how Google views your website. In other words, the tool helps you track your website’s visibility, performance, traffic, page rank, etc., while also allowing you to watch for and fix any glitches your site might have.

2) Google Analytics:

This is a well-known, free web analytical tool, and its main purpose is to track and report on your website’s traffic.

3) Google Keyword Tool:

This particular free SEO tool is a practical god-send, for it suggests various and appropriate keywords that can be used to optimize your website.

There are, of course, a number of other tools you can use as SEO too. But the above three should still have you set pretty well!

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