3 Benefits of Integrated Media & SEO

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3 Benefits of Integrated Media & SEO

Ever since the advent of online marketing, SEO has played a key role in its success. Despite the continuous and fast evolution of internet marketing, it has still maintained its relevance. The rules of search engines have changed and so have their algorithms but SEO has managed to keep pace with the changes. It still forms an integral part of online marketing with the only difference that marketers have begun to align it with overall marketing strategy which includes social media, PPC, content marketing and offline marketing strategies. You would be surprised to know about the benefits of integrated media campaigns inclusive of SEO.

1.It maximizes your online presence

When a business is on all the platforms such as social media andin search engines results, it automatically gets better recognition and attention. Integrated marketing establishes you everywhere, thereby, creating a solid web presence which leads to more traffic and conversions.

2.It builds trust among audience and enhances your brand value

When you appear in organic search engine results, paid results and social media searches simultaneously, the users are bound to believe in your competence and credibility. It helps to grow you as a brand and also brings more customers/sales for your business.

3.It makes the marketing task easier as you can leverage the overlapping activities

The different internet marketing tools have many common threads which the marketing team can use to get better results and reduce their workload. For example, keyword search is as much a part of SEO as it is about social media because the latter is also a kind of search engine. User behavior data is needed for email marketing as well as content marketing.

In short, integrated media marketing is the need of the hour. It gives better results in comparison to standalone strategies. Another name for systematic and seamless approach, you really need to integrate with it.

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