3 Awesome Techniques For Weilding Facebook Live For Sales

Facebook Live

3 Awesome Techniques For Weilding Facebook Live For Sales

Using Facebook Live videos on your Facebook business page or in a Facebook group you manage is an absolutely inspired way to generate more sales. And here are three techniques you should use with Facebook Live that (if planned and executed well) will surely aid your business in garnering a wider audience and generating more sales:

1) Take advantage of a milestone and turn it into an event

Take charge of a coming anniversary or milestone event in your business and turn it into a live event or celebration. Then, broadcast this event or celebration using Facebook Live.
However, ensure that the content of this broadcast is thoroughly planned and marketed well before the actual live broadcast begins. Also, don’t limit the celebration or event to one video for one day. Rather, live-stream the pre-party as well, along with any other related aspects of the milestone that will make for a good video.

2) Make a series of videos using Facebook Live about your product or service

Whether your business is into a product or service at its core, a Facebook Live video series is a great way for generating sales. For instance, for products, have a series of videos about a sale that you’re conducting – including videos regarding backstage planning and product packaging as well. Whereas, if your business revolves around a service, a seminar or coaching, videos would work just as well. And again, sneak peeks into the behind-the-scenes aspects of the video will still be popular.

3) Use Q & A sessions to interact directly with your customers and audience

Q & A is a tried and true technique that never fails to engage your audience. And Facebook Live videos is a perfect platform for this too. Just make sure that you keep up with the comments on the video so as to not miss out on any query or interacting opportunity.

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