3 Tips That Will Make Creating Image Posts Easier For You

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3 Tips That Will Make Creating Image Posts Easier For You

Images are lovely and versatile things to post. For, they can be posted as stand-alone images, or even be posted as the “face” of a text post. A lot of the time, many image posts even get away with just having a few lines of text on them. For that is the power of a picture (even if it’s a picture with just words)!

But, while the value of images on social media is easy to understand, picking images or creating them for your brand isn’t always so simple – especially if you’re new at it.

So, to make it easier, here are three simple tips to follow when you’re looking to create images to post:

1) Use a template

This can be a complete lifesaver and is a must-do tip. For, in truth, a lot of the posts and images you post on social media often follows a theme or style. So, instead of creating a new image each and every time, you can use a template instead. That way, nitty gritty and tedious details, like positioning, font type or size, or the number of elements to include, can all just be replaced and customized for each image post.
And, if you do have different categories or kinds of posts, then make an image template for each of them.

2) Keep it simple

Too many elements in an image will make it look complex, distract the audience, and be altogether unappealing. So, stick to using no more than three to five elements per image (or less!). And don’t use more than two types of fonts (pairs of fonts that go well together, that is) per image.

Use common events to prepare images in advance:
Your posts should be current, yes. But then, you can use the knowledge of common and upcoming holidays, events, and celebrations to create or pick images in advance for your posts.

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2 Ways To Customize Your Blog Posts to Stand Out on Twitter



2 Ways To Customize Your Blog Posts to Stand Out on Twitter

We’ll get to the point: It’s all about the visual content.

In other words, your tweets will stand out more if they include visual content. And this goes for your tweetable blog posts too. After all, if you want people to notice your blog post links on their twitter feed, you need to first catch their eye. And images can help you do that.

Here’s how you can optimize and fix your Twitter account and your blog posts so that they stand out on your followers’ Twitter news feeds:

1) Set Up Twitter Cards

If you have a blog, make sure that each and every one of your blog posts have an accompanying image. If any of them don’t, add an image. And also make sure that the “Tweet Post to Twitter” button is available under each post on your blog and on every web page on your website.
Then, set up Twitter Cards on your blog and linked Twitter Account. For, once you do, Twitter Cards will use your tweeted blog post’s image and the image’s description every single time a blog post is tweeted from your site. And these media rich cards will make your tweeted links stand out all the more on Twitter.

2) Make Your Blog Post Images Twitter-Sized

This is an alternative to using Twitter Cards. Here, you basically resize your blog post images so that their dimensions match the preview dimensions on Twitter. This way, every time your blog post is tweeted, the image relevant to that post can be automatically previewed in full. This helps as previews of cut-off or partial images are less attention-grabbing than complete images on Twitter. (The only disadvantage here is that the blog post images will be optimized for Twitter, but not necessarily for other social media platforms.)

Which method you opt for is up to you. But either way, the point is to tweet your content with images at center-stage.

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How To Use Pinterest To Get More Traffic For Your Website Or Blog?


How To Use Pinterest To Get More Traffic For Your Website Or Blog?

Pinterest – with absolutely no bias meant against other social media sites – is probably the most fun and creative social media platform out there. Its success is also rather unique, as, unlike other social media, the onus here isn’t to keep contact with people, keep track of friends, share statuses and updates about one’s lives, or even to gain a lot of followers. (And though there are plenty of Pinterest users who use Pinterest to gain followers and market their brand, Pinterest isn’t the main social media of choice for this.)

Rather, the onus is more on finding things that spark our interest and to get ideas when we need them. In a sense, Pinterest gives us an online version of a vision board or inspiration board; and you have the entire realm of the Web’s ideas to make it up.

However, this in no way means that Pinterest doesn’t cut it as a sound marketing platform. Quite the contrary. The Pinterest website might not have been made with the sole purpose of marketing in mind, but considering how long people spend on the site and how appealing your content is, Pinterest is a great site to use to get more traffic for your website and blog. And, it has been known to be especially good for marketing products from e-commerce websites.

Either way, here’s how you can use Pinterest to gain more visitors to your blog or website:

1) First of all, along with other pins, also save pins from your own website – especially custom images that promote your brand, its colors, and/or your business and website.

2) Use relevant keywords in your Pinterest descriptions.

3) Add links to your home page or specific web pages on your site in the link section of each pin.

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Social Media – The Frighteningly Effective Manipulator Of Our Concept of Time


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Social Media – The Frighteningly Effective Manipulator Of Our Concept of Time

The online realm can be an ace manipulator when it comes to our perception of time. We might have the best of intentions when we begin: We will swear to ourselves that we will focus and that we will spend just one hour on social media and then immediately work on that blog post that is due at the end of the day. It’s early, after all. We have plenty of time. (Ha!)

Then we log into social media, and it’s like the snake charmer hypnotizing the snake! We respond to messages, tweets, comments, then share what we want to share. We might schedule posts and write necessary content too. But we also do a number of other tasks on social media that just crop up and were not part of our original plans. And then, when we look up, we find that we’ve spent hours on social media, have not quite finished the tasks that we were supposed to finish on social media in the first place, and now have to rush into overtime in order to complete that blog post.

Even worse, we find that our energy has depleted and we can’t focus – which most of the time means that we take even longer to complete the necessary digital tasks if we don’t postpone it to the following day or week instead. And thus, social media (and the Internet in general) is an ace manipulator when it comes to time: It is so frighteningly addictive and engaging that people have been known to spend hours upon hours (even days!) glued to the screen. And, if you’re a digital marketer, or even someone simply starting to manage a blog and brand (or online business) on their own, you would have experienced this multiple times.

Well, the good news is that you’re not alone. A lot of digital marketers have to combat this problem. For, frankly speaking, social media is practically a time warp come to life.

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