3 Tips For Twitter To Find More Potential Clients

Twitter Business Tips

3 Tips For Twitter To Find More Potential Clients

As a business, Twitter may seem like a limited resource to find new clients and prospects when compared to other social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn. Especially since there is limited characters count to work with. But, when used right, Twitter can prove the “less is more” rule quite exceptionally.

In fact, here are three great ways to put your feelers out for customers and clients on Twitter:

1) Search Through Twitter’s Advanced Search Option

Believe it or not, a lot of people do post requirements on Twitter. The only thing you have to do is find them. For instance, an author might be bemoaning the fact that he/she can’t find anyone to illustrate her book cover in a tweet. It’s not a formal request for a designer, no. But it can work just as well. All you have to do is use Twitter Advanced Search to search for certain keywords, phrases, words, and even sentences in various orders and hashtags, and you’ll likely find a number of such tweets that are potential job opportunities. And once you find them, you simply have to tweet a reply to become part of that conversation. (You can even set up an email alert for such searches using IFTTT.)

2) Advertise your Services/Website by Offering Freebies and/or Giveaways Through Twitter Ads

Plan on having giveaways and freebies on your website that people will like having in return for them signing up on your website/blog via email. Then, use a Twitter Ad Campaign to promote this giveaway/freebie and direct people to your landing page. This way, you’ll have a great list of contacts who could soon become your customers.

3) Use Periscope to Chat Via Live Videos With Prospective Clients

Twitter’s mobile app now has Periscope for live-streaming videos on Twitter. You can use this feature to chat live with your customers and followers and likely encourage them to hire you for your services.

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Steps To Verify Your Local Business’s Facebook Page Via Your Smartphone

Facebook Business Page

Steps To Verify Your Local Business’s Facebook Page Via Your Smartphone

If your local business has a Facebook page, then it will be in your business’s best interests to have a gray “verified page” badge next to your page/business name on Facebook.

Here’s how you can verify your local business page on Facebook right on your smartphone:

Step 1:

Go to your Facebook business page via your Facebook mobile app.

Step 2:

Tap on the More Options button (denoted by “. . .”) and select the “Edit Settings” option.

Step 3:

Under the “Settings” screen, tap on the right-facing arrow (looks like a closing angle bracket or the greater-than sign) on the right of the “General” settings option.

Step 4:

Under the “General” screen, go to the “Page Verification” section and tap on the right-facing arrow on the right of the “Verify your Page” option.

Step 5:

Under the “Page Verification” screen, you will be prompted to “Please enter a business phone number.” Enter your business phone number here and click on the “Call Me Now” button below.

Step 6:

You will get a message on the “Page Verification” screen that will tell you that Facebook is calling you at the number you just entered and that you will get a 4-digit verification code that you will have to note down. Await the phone call from Facebook and note down the 4-digit code. (If the call doesn’t arrive after too long or you miss the verification code, you can click on the “Call Me Again” button at the bottom of the screen.)

Step 7:

Enter the 4-digit verification code you hear into the text box marked “Verification Code”. Then press the “Continue” button.

You should next receive a “Congratulations” message on your “Page Verification” screen, meaning that now you’ll have a gray badge next to your local business’s page [name] on Facebook.

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Tips To Help You Vlog Effectively


Tips To Help You Vlog Effectively

Vlogging or a vlog is an amalgamation of the terms “video” and “blogging” and “video” and “blog” respectively. So, a vlog is nothing more than a blog where you post videos rather than infographics or text-based posts. And in fact, YouTube is the most popular vlogging platform there is today on the Internet.

But we’re not here to explain what vlogging is. Rather, we’re here to give you some great tips to set you on your path to great vlogging practices. So, if you’re somewhat new to the vlog platform, but are seriously considering it as a valid social media marketing tactic, then these tips are definitely for you.

Here are the bare important facts of what you need to know about vlogging:

1) Consistency is King

If you’re going to maintain a vlog, then you must be consistent. If you’re posting once a week, make sure you don’t suddenly drop off the face of the earth for a month or year in-between. If you’re blogging 3 times a week, then stick to that quota. The best method here is to make videos in advance and schedule them all in line with your posting schedule.

2) A Vlog can have Any Content a Blog could

A vlog can have tutorials, personal posts, quick tips, and basically anything that you might write a regular blog post about. What you shouldn’t do is flood your vlogs with ads and marketing messages. That’s not vlogging, that’s commercial advertising, and it can ruin your vlog’s purpose.

3) A Vlog should have a Purpose and a Business Goal

Decide the purpose of your vlog: Are you entertaining? Are you inspiring? Are you informing? Are you instructing? Are you answering customer queries? Or are you doing a little of each? Make sure you understand the purpose of your blog and remember that your goal is to attract more business. Either way, likes, follows, and the like are not your main aim. If you have few followers but you’re getting a lot of business calls and clients, then you’re vlog’s doing what it’s supposed to.

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4 Tips To Get Facebook Page Free Likes

facebook like

4 Tips To Get Facebook Page Free Likes

Facebook is a goldmine for followers and potential customers for your business – especially since it crossed 1 billion users. But then again, Facebook has crossed 1 billion users, a lot of whom are promoting businesses themselves. Which means your competition just got worse on Facebook.
Well, no need to fret either way, because here are some of the tips you can start off with in order to get a good number of free “Likes” for your Facebook business page:

1)Fill in Your Facebook Page’s About Section and Other Fields

Your Facebook page is as searchable on the Web as any website or blog. And it’s your page’s About section that allows you to include the right and relevant terms that will make your page “searchable” non search engines. So, first and foremost, fill this section appropriately.

2) Invite Your Friends and Colleagues to Like Your Page

This is a no-brainer. Before you start looking for other fans for your page, first invite the people you already know on Facebook to “Like” your page. Even if all of them don’t respond, you’ll still get a good number of fans to make your Facebook page more “seeable” on Facebook – as whoever follows your page will automatically promote your page to their friends via their Facebook feeds.

3) Include Facebook Like Boxes on Your Blog and Website

You have the option of including a Facebook “Like” widget on your blog and website platform, so do it. This way, your followers have a way to find you on Facebook and, if they like your blog/website content, then they will likely “Like” your Facebook page too.
(Also, ensure that your blog posts and new content are regularly shared onto your Facebook page as well.)

4) Include Your Facebook Page on Offline Channels

Ensure that all you business materials – visiting cards, letter heads, pamphlets, brochures, custom stationery, etc. – have your Facebook page’s link and name. In fact, if you have an offline store, ensure that all your packaging materials have your Facebook details, and also that your front desk clearly shows your Facebook (and other social media account) details.

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Signs Of Site Content Over-Optimization – Part 2 (Links)

Internal Links

Signs Of Site Content Over-Optimization – Part 2 (Links)

In Part 1 of this article, we covered the content over-optimization signs related to keywords. And while keywords are a major measure of whether or not a site has been over-optimized, it is (unfortunately) not the only kind of sign you should look out for.
So, in Part 2, we’ll be looking at some of the signs you should look out for in relation to creating links within your web content:

1) Using Only One Kind of Link Type in Your Content

This error can happen especially if you’re building a website for the first time: Including only one type of links in your web content.
Perhaps you’ve linked generously to external websites, or perhaps you’ve limited your links to your own site pages. Now, while there is nothing wrong with these kinds of links, it can alert search engines to over-optimization patterns if you only have one kind of links within your website.
Luckily, there’s an easy fix for this: Use different kinds of links: internal links, external links, social media links, etc.

2) Using Links to Link to Navigational Pages Instead of Internal Pages

Many times, webmasters create a lot of links within their content that will lead directly back to that website’s home page – or to certain navigational pages like the website’s contact page, about us page, etc. If one or two links in the website or blog’s content pages do this, then it’s harmless. However, the webmaster’s focus should be on linking content to external social media sites or websites, and especially linking the web content to related internal pages within the website. After all, these internal pages are what should be found; the navigational pages and home pages of the website are rather easy to find anyway. Plus, using too many links that just link to the website or blog’s home page or main external or navigation pages will simply alert search engines to over-optimization, which can really lower your site’s search rankings.

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