How To Increase Engagement For Your Facebook Page?

Facebook Page Engagement

How To Increase Engagement For Your Facebook Page?

Facebook is undoubtedly a great social platform for marketing and engagement. However, sometimes engagement with your Facebook page can be slow or erratic, which is no good for your business’s social media reach. And you know that getting as many likes, shares, and comments on your Facebook page and posts is what you need to really amp your brand exposure. So, to help you out, here are a couple of tips on how you can increase engagement for your Facebook page:

1) Ask people to share your content

This might seem an odd tip. But, the truth is, most people will engage with and share your content on Facebook when you ask them too. That is also why you should mention your call-to-action or sharing/liking/commenting request at the end of your post or at the end of your video. For, if the user’s reached that far, then they obviously found your content interesting. Hence, simply reminding them to engage with your content is usually enough to get them to do so.

2)Post a higher frequency of video content

You might already be posting video content on your Facebook page. However, posting more video content on your page – and that too, uploading videos directly to your page and timeline – will get you even higher engagement.

3) Post Facebook Live videos regularly

Remember that video is a hot content medium right now? Well, it seems that live video content is even more popular on Facebook than other kinds of video content. Hence, posing Facebook Live videos will drive great engagement for your page. Plus, remember the previous tip about posting more video content than you usually would? The same applies to Facebook Live videos as well: Post more Facebook Live videos – even regularly – and your Facebook page engagement will simultaneously increase.

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How To Use Advanced Twitter Search?

Twitter Advance Search

How To Use Advanced Twitter Search?

The best way to appear an expert in your field is to take part in Twitter conversations where you can actually make use of and show your epertise. However, with thousands to millions of tweets and related conversations happening daily on this bite-size content encouraging platform, finding the right conversations to weigh in on is difficult.

Luckily, you can use advanced Twitter search to find these conversations. Here are 3 ways how:

1) Use keywords in various combinations to search for and monitor relevant Twitter conversations in your industry.

Use the “OR” search operator to combine all the relevant keywords in your search; it will ensure that none of your specified keywords are overlooked. Adding the “recommend” keyword or similar keywords will also help you find conversations where people are looking for the kind of services you and your business is offering. Regularly update your keywords as well in order to keep up with the latest conversations that are happening in your industry.

2) Use keywords to find Twitter accounts that fall within your industry

Like in the previous case, use relevant keywords, then click on “More Options” in the advanced Twitter search settings and then pick “Accounts”. This will get you a list of filtered accounts that match your keywords, thereby giving you peer accounts to follow in your industry.

3) Filter the advanced Twitter search results by date

While it’s important to participate in relevant conversations, it’s also necessary to ensure that the conversations you’re weighing in on is “timely”. For instance, taking part in conversations that have long since been shelved will not make you look like a thought leader in your industry. Instead, if you filter your keywords and hashtags on the advanced Twitter search engine by recent dates (perhaps, say, in the range of the last few weeks to the present), you’ll get the latest conversations happening in your industry at the current time.

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How To Use the “Geocode” Search Query On Twitter?

Twitter Geocode

How To Use the “Geocode” Search Query On Twitter?

Local marketing trends are at all-time rise, especially since marketing to your local area is a great way to promote your local business. Plus, location-based marketing on Twitter and other social media is also a great way to engage with both existing and potential local customers as well. And using the “Geocode” search query is exactly how you can connect and engage with any local customers and businesses in your area. Here’s how you can use this search query:

1) Get your local business’s geographical coordinates (perhaps by using a website like or some other similar geolocation website or tool).

2) In the Twitter search bar, type in “geocode:” Then copy the latitude and longitude coordinates you obtained of your business’s geographical location. Type it right after the colon (:) with no space in-between.

3) Type in a comma (,) right after the latitudes you pasted, and enter the kilometers around the [specified] area that you want to find Twitter accounts for. (Again, there is no space after the comma.)
(For example, geocode:11.0314970,77.0291570,5 km is akin to the search query format of what needs to be entered in Twitter’s search bar.)

4) To connect with the businesses and local users who are within the local area of your business, click on the “Accounts” tab under your search results.

5) Under the “Latest” and “Top” tabs, you’ll find tweets and conversations you can engage or converse with as you might prefer.

Thus, using the geocode search query, you can use Twitter to engage with any existing or potential local customers who are near your local business. And in turn, you will be promoting and spreading your own business’s reach in your local area via this initiative. Plus, best of all, this is probably the quickest tactic you’ll find on Twitter to spread brand awareness about your business [in your local area].

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Tips On How To Use Facebook For B2B Marketing

Facebook B2B Marketing

Tips On How To Use Facebook For B2B Marketing

Facebook is not just a great platform for B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing, but it’s versatility as a social media site makes it an excellent B2B (Business to Business) marketing platform as well. So, if you’re looking into marketing your products and services to other businesses, check out the following three tips on how you can improve your Facebook strategy for B2B marketing:

1) Use Images and Bold Text

Images any day get more traction and engagement on social media than plain text content. In fact, it doesn’t even matter if your image just has stylized text stating the title or headline of your link and a simple lead. What matters is that your link has an image that will catch the eye. Also, use bold text and concise information when crafting the titles of your content. Your sharing text update, excerpt, or message should also give a clear, concise idea of what people will find if they click on your link.

2) Use Scheduled Facebook Live Shows

Facebook Live videos are a big hit on Facebook, and many businesses and users have already started using this tool to increase their user engagement. However, rather than promoting an upcoming Facebook Live video one at a time, having scheduled live shows – a lot like a scheduled, real-time television show – can be even more effective in marketing your business to other businesses. After all, if one live show can generate so much of engagement, an entire planned series of live shows has that much more potential.

3) Post Native Videos as Updates on Your Timeline

Native videos refer to videos that have been directly uploaded onto one’s Facebook timeline – whether that’s on a Facebook account’s timeline, or a Facebook Page’s timeline. And generally, such native videos generate much more engagement and views on Facebook than linked or shared videos do.

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3 Tips For Making Great Videos For Twitter


Twitter video

3 Tips For Making Great Videos For Twitter

When Twitter only allowed its videos to be 30 seconds long, it was pretty difficult to use the medium effectively. However, now that Twitter has extended the time limit of its videos to 140 seconds, marketers, advertisers, and small businesses have a lot more leeway. However, that time limit is still pretty concise. So in order to really utilize this kind of content on Twitter, your videos need to be engaging, interesting, and memorable on Twitter.

So, working towards that end, here are three cool tips to make great videos you can tweet on Twitter:

1) Grab Your Viewers In The First Three Seconds

If you take the entire 140 seconds of video time to make your point, your viewers are going to be scrolling passed well before you’re done. Hence, you need to plan your video so that you deliver the “hook” or “interest point” right in the first three seconds.
Get your viewer to pause at your video past those first three seconds, though, and you’ll likely get them to watch it all the way through. And luckily, since your video can only be 140 seconds long at the most, the viewer(s) would have reached the end of your video long before their attention wavers.

2) Make Your Video Interesting Even Without Audio

Your Twitter videos will start playing automatically to viewers without the sound the moment they come across it. And most viewers often don’t turn on the audio all the way to the end. Hence, it’s necessary that your video gets its message across even without the aid of sound. Or else, it should be interesting enough that the viewer wants to go back and watch it with the sound.

3) Don’t Limit Your Videos to Footage

Videos can be effective even if they simply use still images with background music (like in product catalog videos, for example), or animations. Even using an animated GIF instead of a video can get your point across perfectly. It all depends on what you’re trying to convey and the visual appeal you generate with your video/animated GIF

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2 Free Third-Party Apps That You Can Install On Your Facebook Page


2 Free Third-Party Apps That You Can Install On Your Facebook Page

Facebook page apps are what allow you (and others who visit your Facebook page) to view your posts, videos, and other such content on your page. More than viewing the related media content, though, these apps are arranged as tabs on the left sidebar of your Facebook page – mainly in order to organize your content. By default, a Facebook page generally has four standard [Facebook-developed] apps: Photos, Events, Videos, and Likes.

The Photos tab showcases all the photos your page has either been tagged in or uploaded directly (i.e., photos or images that have not been shared via other pages or timelines). The Events tab presents all the past, present, and upcoming events you’ve set up on your page. The Videos tab shows your video library (i.e., videos you’ve uploaded directly to your page or created via Facebook tools on your page; it does not include shared videos). And the Likes tab, of course, lists the likes on your Facebook page.

These are the standard Facebook apps. And most other third-party apps that you can install on Facebook usually cost a fee. However, there are two free third-party apps that you can install on your Facebook page to liven it up: ShortStack and Static HTML – Thunderpenny:

1) ShortStack

ShortStack is a Facebook app that will allow you to add widgets on your page in layers (i.e., on top of each other). Or else, you can use the templates and themes available with this app to create something of your own. However, do note that it’s only free if you have fewer than 2000 fans on your Facebook page.

static html facebook app

2) Static HTML

Thunderpenny is a free Facebook app that will allow you to either upload a single image or pull a website onto your page. (Just note that, if the website is larger than the 810 pixel size that this app allows, scroll bars will appear as well.)

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3 Points To Consider Before Shooting A Video On Your Smartphone

Shooting Video On Smartphone

3 Points To Consider Before Shooting A Video On Your Smartphone

So, you’ve decided to shoot a video on your smartphone for your social media marketing purposes. Great idea! However, if this is the first time you are doing so (or even if you’ve done it before), keep the following guidelines in mind if you don’t want your (video shooting) efforts to go to waste:

1) Decide The Channel You’re Going To Upload Your Video On

The platform you plan to upload your video on is important in order to know how to craft your video and how long it will be. Because (for instance) while Instagram will only allow you to post 3-second to 15-second videos, Vine lets you post videos upto 6 seconds in length, and YouTube allows you to post videos of any length. Similarly, how the video will look and what its dimensions are, based on the channel you choose, will affect the kind of video you need to shoot.

2) Pre-Test Your Settings Before Shooting The Entire Video

Before you shoot your video, shoot the first 10 to 15 seconds of your video and then transfer it to your computer to see how it looks. This way, you can check if the light, dimensions, environment (and even the background sound, if applicable), is appropriate for your video. You can also opt to either use video-related apps when you’re shooting with your smartphone, or simply use your smartphone camera on its own to shoot your video.

3) Check Your Video Post-Shoot, Edit It As Necessary & Keep Backups Of Your Video

Like you pre-tested your video to check if everything was in order, check the video after you finish shooting as well. Editing your video to polish it is recommended. And always keep backup copies of both your original video as well as your edited version(s) – just in case you need either later.

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3 Ways To Increase Sales For Your Business With Online Videos

online video

3 Ways To Increase Sales For Your Business With Online Videos

Online videos are not only good for marketing and brand-awareness purposes. They can also help increase product sales, aid customer satisfaction, and improve customer services as well.

Here are three ways videos can do much more for your business than simply get views:

1) Video Ads

Videos ads act as marketing and advertising tools. But more than that, with the popularity of online videos on a constant high at the moment, video advertisements are more effective than ever. In fact, even video ads made with online video tools (like PowToon and the like) are enough to interest customers and increase sales. Plus, online videos that are shown on social media and websites alone work just as well as (if not better than) video ads shown on television (and they work out much cheaper too). Video ads, thus, greatly increase your chances of product purchases and overall profits.

2) Video Testimonials

With users preferring a personal touch in all aspects nowadays, showcasing video testimonials of your customers are supremely effective in increasing sales for your business. Such videos don’t have to be over-polished either. Simply asking a few customers at an event for your business what they think of your product is enough. You can even record some of your consumers’ testimonials using online video recording tools, if they are willing.

3) FAQ Screencasts

Just like you can use product demo and product walkthrough videos to teach your customers how to use your product, you can also use videos to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) or service queries regarding your product(s). In fact, such videos are often clearer and more effective than regular text content in answering common questions. You’ll also effectively reduce the number of cases your customer service people will have to handle directly with such videos, thereby giving them more time to answer to the tougher cases. And better customer service leads to happier customers, which leads to better reviews of your business and, in turn, better sales prospects.

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How To Optimize Your Videos For YouTube Searches?

youtube video optimization

How To Optimize Your Videos For YouTube Searches?

Videos are a must today for any marketing campaign. However, that’s a tip every business is aware of at the moment. So now, the real challenge is how to ensure that your video actually shows up in the relevant searches.

In addition, people don’t search for relevant videos on Google or other search engines much anymore. Rather, they go straight to the source: YouTube. So, in order for your videos to show up in the relevant YouTube searches and subsequently found by the user(s), you need to first optimize your YouTube videos so that they rank higher in these video searches.

Here are 3 ways you can better optimize your videos:

1) Use The YouTube Keyword Tool To Find Strong Keywords For Your Video

Search engines cannot look into the content of your videos like they can look into your text content. Hence, it’s up to you to pick strong and relevant keywords for your videos and include them in your tags. At least about ten tags per video is a good idea. And using the YouTube Keyword Tool to find strong keywords for your video is a good idea.

2) Include Transcripts For Your Video

Closed captions make your video easier to comprehend and thereby accessible to much a wider audience. And that’s exactly why you should include transcripts in your video. YouTube does give the option of having auto-generated subtitles when a user clicks the “CC” button on the video. But these are often rife with mistakes. So you’ll be safer by having a human-generated transcript for your video. Videos with subtitles automatically rank higher in YouTube searches as well.

3) Use Customized Video Thumbnails For Each Of Your Videos

Use a customized and attractive thumbnail of your own that has 1280×720 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio for each of your videos. It’s a better option than letting YouTube automatically select a screenshot of your video (which might be grainy or uninteresting). In fact, videos with customized thumbnails easily receive more views.

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2 Kinds Of Videos Every Business Should Post In Order To Drive Traffic

Youtube Traffic

2 Kinds Of Videos Every Business Should Post In Order To Drive Traffic

The research on the popularity of videos online has come in and the results show a landslide of positive reception. Hence, any business – big or small – is missing out on prime marketing potential if they don’t make videos as part of their Internet and social media marketing plans. However, while video ads and visual messages are all well and good, limiting your business to marketing messages alone is a bad plan. Rather, you’ll catch more flies with honey (as the saying goes) than with “buy me” signs (as the saying’s been customized).

On that note, here are the two types of videos your business needs that will act as the “honey” to drive Web traffic your way: How-To videos, and Product Walkthrough videos.

1) How-To Videos

How-To videos are instructional videos. And currently, these kinds of videos have the highest number of searches, impressions, and views online. These videos usually teach users a particular kind of skill or how to do a particular task. For example, videos on “How to Tie a Tie,” or “Recipe for Homemade Lasagne” are how-to videos. And as a business, all you need to do is make a how-to video in relation to your product. For example, if you’re a grocery business, a cooking video using some or all of your ingredients will work; or even a “How to Plant Tomatoes in Your Balcony” video will work. Just make sure that the main purpose of your video is instruction.

2) Product Walkthrough Videos

These kinds of videos are similar to how-to videos in that these are instructional videos too. However, these videos focus on you product: They are product demo videos that show your customers how to use your product for [the product’s] common purposes.

With both these videos, you shouldn’t try to sell your product. This kind of video is solely made to help solve a problem or query your audience/customers might have.

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