How To Handle A Google Search Engine Algorithm Updates?

Google algorithm Update

How To Handle A Google Search Engine Algorithm Updates?

Generally, the SEO world sits up and takes notice when Google makes a major change in its search engine algorithm. And that’s fine: That’s what SEO experts should do. However, what happens is that people don’t just sit up and take notice; they also panic. And as anyone in business knows, to make decisions while panicking is a sure-fire way to make hasty and [often] unnecessary decisions.

So what happens is that everyone involved in SEO at some level or the other are suddenly drowned in speculations and expert SEO opinions in how to salvage their website and keep up with the changes Google has made. And while preemptive plans are a sound strategy, to integrate changes in your site and content based on mere assumptions of what Google’s latest search engine update will bring is jumping the gun.

So how should you handle it when Google makes a major new change to its search algorithm? Here’s how you can stay apace the SEO game in the most optimum fashion:

1) Stay Calm

This cannot be stressed enough: Don’t panic. Don’t make anxious decisions. Stay calm. And wait for the entire matter to settle. Because, the truth is, Google makes changes to its search engine algorithm fairly regularly. So you need to wait and watch the new search patterns in order to gauge whether a particular update is a big deal or not. Plus, it’s always better to judge such changes and their effects for yourself than depend on other people’s assumptions alone.

2) Wait for Affirmation instead of Assuming What the Changes are

Once the update has been implemented, Google itself gives everyone detailed information about the algorithm update and the changes it will invoke. So there’s absolutely no need to run around making changes based on assumptions that are just predictions at best. Worse still, what if some of the changes you preemptively made weren’t necessary or even harmful to your rankings? You’d have to revert everything back. Besides, your own research into the matter will have more validity than predictions alone.

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3 Free Monitor Tools For Your Brand On Social Media

Social Media Monitor Tools

3 Free Monitor Tools For Your Brand On Social Media

So, you have your website and your social media accounts set up and you’ve been working hard to get your brand out on the Web and make it familiar, engaging, and interactive. But, how do you know how well your brand is actually doing? How do you learn which social media accounts are driving traffic and which aren’t doing much for your brand’s visibility?

Well, the short answer to that is “analytics”. But, there’s no reason you can’t use Web tools to monitor your brand on social media – and that’s exactly what this article tackles. Even better, the three tools mentioned below are free to use!

1) TweetDeck

TweetDeck is the app to go for if you’re looking to monitor your brand on Twitter. It not only helps you schedule and post to your Twitter account, but it also gives you good analytical data regarding how your brand is performing on Twitter, and allows you to stream your feeds in real time. You can even combine this app with the Buffer app as well. Plus, there’s no limit to how many Twitter accounts you can manage with this app.

2) Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is for you to monitor and manage everything Facebook about your brand. It helps you understand your Facebook statistics, lets you run and manage Facebook contests, brings to your attention which of your Facebook metrics need extra tweaking and interference, and also lets you know if your Facebook page is performing below or above average (etc.). Plus, at the same time, this app gives you tips and lessons on how to market your brand better on Facebook.

3) Social Clout

Social Clout is an app that gathers all relevant data to your brand from blogs, social media, forums, etc., and gives your real-time reports that will tell you how your brand is doing on social media and the World Wide Web as a whole. It lets you monitor your brand’s overall social media health ranking on the Web.

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5 Great SEO Tools That Can Help You Optimize Your Website

SEO Tools

5 Great SEO Tools That Can Help You Optimize Your Website

Just like with any project or endeavor, your ongoing and final result will be better and more efficient if you use the right tools. And working to optimize content on the World Wide Web is no different. In fact, if you’re optimizing your website for search engines, traffic, and lead generation, then you’ll save yourself a lot of time and trouble by using a number of great SEO tools that are available. Here is a list of five of those SEO tools and what you can use them for with your website:

1) Feedly

Feedly is a tool that offer you one way you can keep up with SEO trends and updates for your website. Basically, you can use this tool to subscribe to popular SEO blogs and websites to keep up with the latest news and practices in SEO.


SEM RUSH is goldmine of web tools for SEO and digital marketing information. You can manage any PPC campaigns you have, analyze your competition, research keywords and find out their rankings, track your page rankings as well as your social media presence, and a whole lot more.

3) Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is what you need when you don’t want to spend all your time doing keyword research. For, with Long Tail Pro, you’ll get the entire list off all the long tail keywords, short tail keywords, and main keywords that you’ll ever need for your website.

4) Google Keyword Tool

Google Keyword Tool as the name suggests, helps you research Google ranked keywords for your website.

5) Google Analytics

Google Analytics ranks at the top of the list when it comes to Web analytical tools. And as the name suggests, it will give you all the information you’ll need regarding your Website’s traffic and other statistics, as ranked in the Google search engine.

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Start Advertising Your Business on Thumbtack


Start Advertising Your Business on Thumbtack

Thumbtack is often hailed as a great online platform to list your business and get leads. And while the platform does deliver, if you don’t know how it works and what the guidelines are for this platform’s lead generation tactics, you could wind up paying for way more than you should have to for advertising your business on Thumbtack.

So, if you are considering advertising your business on Thumbtack to generate leads, then here are two factors you should definitely be aware of about how Thumbtack lead generation works:

1) Thumbtack generates leads who look for the most inexpensive solutions rather than consider quality

Thumbtack has a “your budget” field for its searches. However, as this is not a required search criteria, what happens is that, depending on the quotes for your products and services, leads on Thumbtack will probably disregard you if you’re quotes is not the cheapest one they find. In other words, it’s a platform that often makes businesses compete over who can offer the lowest prices for their products and services, which means the quality of those services is not often a criteria.

2) On finding your business page on Thumbtack, leads still can’t contact you directly

Basically, if you make a business page on Thumbtack, it works better as something that gets traffic for Thumbtack rather than for your own business. And this isn’t because leads might choose not to visit your profile or contact your business after they see your Thumbtack profile. It’s because Thumbtack doesn’t let users contact you directly; they don’t even list your business’s contact details on your Thumbtack business page. Instead, potential leads are asked to request a free quote instead – which can either turn the lead away from your business, or, if they agree to requesting the free quote, you wind up paying to simply display your business contact details to the potential customer.

In basic terms, if you’re planning to advertise on Thumbtack, you should know what you’re spending your advertising budget on and in what form you may expect returns on your investment.

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3 Ways You Can Use Google+ To Get Found Locally



3 Ways You Can Use Google+ To Get Found Locally

Frankly, it is now more important than ever for small businesses to focus on local SEO. With mobile Internet on the go and Web technology and information advancing tremendously every day, small businesses who do not focus on optimizing their business online for local leads is at a huge disadvantage. And one of the best ways one can optimize the local SEO for their business is to make full use of Google+ local pages.

But, you probably already know the basics of what local SEO is all about. So here, we’re going to focus on what you can do on Google+ that will actually give you an edge over your local competition so you’ll be found online above them:

1) Update your business information regularly

Nothing can get you negative reviews like outdated business information on your Google+ business profile. After all, opinions about your products and services – even if negative once in a while – can be written off as subjective or disgruntled as longs as they are few and in the minority opinion pool. But having outdated information regarding your business can give a poor image of your business management as a whole, which can sorely reduce your ranking in local search results.

2) Create citations of your business in as many online directories as possible

Having the same, accurate information about your business in as many online directories as you can find, will actually boost your Google listing’s ranking. However, do note that all these directories must have accurate, updated information about your business that match the citations you’ve made on your business’s Google listing.

3) Add videos of your business to your Google+ profile

Video content is all the rage right now, so having videos of your business, its products, and its services are a wonderful way to boost your local search rankings. Post these videos in your profile and link and share them in your other social media accounts. This will easily boost both your business’s local search rankings as well as your Google+ traffic.

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How To Use Prisma App To Make Your Photos Worthy?

Prisma App

How To Use Prisma App To Make Your Photos Worthy?

Images and visual appeal is obviously and important factor to consider when it comes to posting on social media. However, what many don’t admit is that a lot of smartphone-taken photos don’t always come out looking ready-to-post right away. Most of the time, you need filters to make them visually appealing, as well as using image editing tools on them. In fact, many photos come out looking positively bland or awful.

But hey, not everyone can be a professional-level photographer, especially when you don’t have an awesome camera. Thankfully, that’s the Web provides awesome image editing apps. And Prisma happens to be one of those awesome image editing apps. What’s more, Prisma is a mobile-only app as well and is fantastic for giving your photos a more artistic look.

Here’s how you can use Prisma to spruce up your bland-looking smartphone shots

1) Install the Prisma mobile app.

2) Take a photo on your mobile and upload it onto the Prisma app. Or else, take a photo directly with the Prisma app on your phone.

3) Browse through Prisma’s many filters and pick the one(s) that work best with your chosen photo. Note that not every photograph will best suit a particular filter and vice versa. So experiment with the filters available to find one that works best with your selected photograph.

4) You can tweak the intensity of a filter by increasing or reducing the percentage value of the filter on your photo. This is great especially when you want to add multiple effects to your photographs at different levels of intensity.

5) Once you apply the filters to achieve a look you’re satisfied with, you can either share this Prisma-enhanced photo on Instagram or Twitter directly, or download it to your camera roll to do with as you wish.

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SEO Website Design Practices That Will Never Be Redundant

SEO & web design

SEO Website Design Practices That Will Never Be Redundant

As online search algorithms change and develop, many websites have had to overhaul their content, style, SEO, site architecture, and other SEO old practices in order to keep up with their online search rankings. However, while a lot has changed over time, there are still certain SEO practices you should follow for your website as these practices will never be redundant.

Why? Because these practices retain the quality of your website while still giving users what they’re looking for – which is what search engines want to provide their users with, in the first place.

So, in that spirit, here are four good SEO tips you should continue applying to your website to rank high in search results and subsequently generate good traffic [and actions] for your website:

1) Make sure your website loads quickly

Nothing can make a user exit a website faster than a long loading time or poor performance. Hence, always ensure that your website is optimized to load as quickly as possible and that you have no broken links or empty content pages on your site.

2) Your website design must be optimized for mobile devices

With the popularity of mobile Internet surfing, it is little wonder that websites need to be optimized for mobile devices as well. In fact, most website design packages and platforms offer this capability as a default service now. And, no website designer worth their salt will not know how to do the same in today’s online scenario. Hence, optimizing your website for mobile users is a very important SEO practice.

3) Build AMPs for your website

AMPs refer to Accelerated Mobile Pages: In other words, it’s not enough to have your website optimized for mobile users. The pages must also be designed to load quickly and efficiently on mobile devices.

4) Have a Clean website Design

Having a website cluttered with links and content that’s hard to navigate is a death-knell for your website. Instead, ensure that your website is cleanly designed, clutter-free, and easy to navigate.

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How To Increase The Effectiveness Of Mobile Responsive Website Design?


Responsive Mobile design 1

How To Increase The Effectiveness Of Mobile Responsive Website Design?

With the popularity of surfing the Web on the go via mobile devices only gaining popularity, it’s no surprise that websites are now required to have mobile responsive designs in order to reach more of their target audience. In fact, even automated website design platforms have a default feature to check how one’s website content will adapt to different mobile devices (in appearance).

However, while having a mobile responsive website is essential, it is not the end of the game. No effectively at least. For, with such a website design practice being so common now, it’s only a matter of time till the user experience of one’s mobile website versions start dictating which websites will win over the others when it comes to gaining traffic and interactions. Considering this, here are some ways you can make your mobile responsive website design even more effective and optimized:

1) Reduce the appearance of unnecessary elements of your website. In other words, you can choose which elements of your website you want appearing when a user uses a mobile device to access the site. For example, the large footer of your website can be omitted, as well as a few images that are not entirely necessary. Basically, you’re trimming what mobile users see of your website so that they experience a clean design and uncluttered content on your website.

2) You can reduce the size of any videos on your website in order for them to play quickly and comfortably on a mobile screen. And this doesn’t just mean the aspect ratio of the video (which is oftentimes automatically adjusted in mobile responsive website designs), but also the running quality [size] of the video.

3) Add “Call” buttons that will display your phone number and allow users to contact you with a click of a button on their smartphone. This way, users can call you easily and directly regarding your products and services.

4) Style all buttons on your website to be larger on mobile devices so that they are easier to click.

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3 Modern SEO Best Practices For Your Business’s Success

Three Modern SEO Best Practices

3 Modern SEO Best Practices For Your Business’s Success

Modern SEO techniques are more about practices, common sense, quality, and user experience than technicalities. This is one of the main reasons why having updated and quality content for your website is constantly touted as a main SEO practice nowadays.

In that same flavor, here are three modern SEO practices you should watch out for and apply if you want to make your website and business successful:

1) Concentrate on Local SEO Optimization

Nowadays, users use the Web to find any kind of information – even information like what stores are available near them to buy a certain product, or which local restaurants in their area serve a particular kind of cuisine or provide home delivery. Hence, if you don’t want your business to miss out, make sure your website is optimized for local searches as well.

2) Use Social Media to Promote Your Website and its Content

With how vast the virtual world of the Internet is, and with the number of users it entertains every day, not advertising and promoting your website in more than one online platform can be a death-knell for your business. Hence, you also need to have social media accounts and establish a strong presence there. Then, you have to link to your website posts and updates via social media in order to get more traffic to your website content.

3) Blog Regularly to Introduce Fresh Content for Your Website

Search engines like new and fresh content. But, that also means that, if your website content is stagnant, your page will rank lower than those with newer content. Hence, the best way to keep cycling fresh content on your website is to post regular, well-researched, and quality blog posts that you can later share on social media as well. (This will also raise your keyword usage and rankings thanks to the diversity of the content.)

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3 Kinds Of Videos You Can Make To Use In Your Twitter Ads

Twitter video ads

3 Kinds Of Videos You Can Make To Use In Your Twitter Ads

Videos are an awesome medium of content even with Twitter’s 140 rule and limitation. In fact, especially when it comes to Twitter ads, video content is probably the most effective kind of ad you could put up on Twitter. However, that doesn’t mean that you swarm your audience with marketing videos alone. Rather, here are three kinds of [indirectly marketing] videos that you can use effectively and engagingly in your Twitter ads:

1) Video Product Catalog

Rather than blatantly promoting your products, make a video catalog of your products simply to create an ambience and impression around them. In other words, simply and concisely showcase your products via a video on Twitter. The quick content and the visual appeal such videos create will be enough to entice your viewers to click on your ad.

2) How-To Video

How-to videos are ruling the roost at the top of the popularity hierarchy of online video content. So it makes sense that using a how-to video in your Twitter ad is an effective strategy. And, if you’re worried about the limited video content you’re restricted to posting on Twitter, don’t; that’s your advantage. For, if your instructional video gives your viewers something interesting and of value to watch, you can encourage them to click on the ad and view the rest of your video on your website (which they will, if they liked the start and subject matter of your how-to video).

3) Showcase or Walkthrough Video

A showcase or walkthrough video is a great way to directly introduce a product of yours to your viewers. For instance, showing a video of how to use your app is a simple yet perfect opportunity to tell your potential customers what your product can do (and how). It simultaneously promotes your product directly (without using any blatant marketing tactics), and also teaches viewers how to use your product.

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