3 Free Tools That Will Make Content Marketing, Organizing & Scheduling Much Easier

3 Free Tools That Will Make Content Marketing, Organizing & Scheduling Much Easier

Content is the lifeblood that keeps any marketing strategy alive. And so, while there are a number of free tools out there that can help you with your content marketing strategy, the truth is you have other more indirect payments you need to organize other than outright cost. Time is one of those payments. And often, chaos is the other. After all, you don’t just have a number of content topics to get out on your blog on time. And that’s not even the half of it. You need to first find topics, research content, organize your research, draft/create the actual content, edit it, and then publish it and share it on blogs, websites, and social media alike. Now, likely, you have more than one blog. And, depending on the frequency of your posting schedule for each of the blogs you’re in charge of (i.e., once a week, twice, thrice, every weekday, every weekend, etc.), you’ll need content relevent to both your blog’s niche as well as your schedule (for instance, if your blog and business is into baking, you can’t post a topic on Christmas cookies and holiday snacking gifts in June).

And if you collaborate with a team, then your content marketing strategy just got a lot more hectic.

Which is why, help you plow through this chaos and schedules, you should use the following three free tools to schedule, organize, and stay caught up with your content marketing strategy:

Google Calender

1) Google Calendar

All you need is a Gmail account that you can sign into and then create a New Calendar from your dashboard. Now, you can create events for each topic, their edits, and their publishing schedule. You can even colour code the events and share the calendar with your teammates.





2) Trello

Trello is a free collaboration tool where you can create boards, cards, and lists in order to keep track of all your projects in all its varying stages.



3) Wunderlist

No organization tools list is complete without a to-do list. And that’s precisely what Wunderlist is: A to-do list manager. Here, you can not only jot down your plans, but you can also set reminders and alerts, share the lists with other collaborators, access them on all your devices, and even add hashtags and notes.



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3 Free Headline Generation Tools For Content Creation

3 Free Headline Generation Tools For Content Creation

Generating constant and regular content for your business website or blog is an indispensable SEO technique. However, even with frequently scheduled posts and advanced drafts to keep your game up, and even if your niche allows for endlessly varied and interesting topics to create content on, there are always times when a creative block hits – times when you’re suddenly out of topics or feel the only topics left have already been overdone. Or sometimes, you just have no idea what content to create altogether.

In such scenarios, headline generation tools can be a great help in giving you content ideas to generate. Here are three such free headline tools you can check out right now:

Portent's content Idea Generator

1) Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Portent’s Content Idea Generator is a handy tool where all you’re required to do is enter the subject of your choice, and you can keep clicking to get new ideas for various content titles for your subject. As the titles are generated, you even get little comments around that title – which will help you develop content on that topic or even think of new variations of content topics.



Impact title generator tool

2) Impact’s Blog Title Generator

Just as the name suggests, Impact offers a free tool where you can find a number of titles or headlines for blog content. The titles appear with blanks in between, where you can substitute a variety of subjects and objects in order to get great ideas to write about in your niche.




hubspot topic generator

3) Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

With Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator tool, you can enter up to three topics (or, more specifically, nouns) that you want to write about, and it will bring up to five complete titles that you can create content on. And that’s basically ideas for a whole week or more!


Of course, these tools aren’t perfect, and they certainly won’t do your job for you. But as anyone who works on content generation knows, sometimes all you need is a topic, title, or headline to get started

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Your Basic Guide To Creating Effective Infographics


Your Basic Guide To Creating Effective Infographics

Infographics are a great form of content, especially since they usually garner much more attention and traffic than regular content. However, creating an infographic takes lots of effort, and it is possible to get carried away with all the information one has gathered and then try to display all of that on a single infographic. In fact, no one considers the “hows” of creating an infographic most of the time; they only focus on the “whats” the infographic is about and the end result. Which can frankly ruin the effectiveness of your infographic altogether.

To avoid such scenarios, here is a basic guideline to keep in mind when you are creating an infographic:

1) Select a single topic to work on

It’s easy to get carried away with all the information out there and find everything relevant to your infographic. But remember, this is an infographic, not a thesis. You’re representing all your information on a single image. So pick a single topic and limit your details to exactly what you want to portray in your content. In fact, work on an outline so that you can weed out whatever isn’t necessary and keep your infographic information relevant, clear, and to the point.

2) Use statistics and link to your sources

Information – actual data – is the point of any inforgraphic. So make sure you have the numbers and statistics required to support your information. And, link to all the statistical sources that you garnered your information from; links to your secondary source research is a great way to validate your infographic and give it credibility. (As for your primary sources, you can get your own results through online polls and the like.)

3) Pay attention to its appearance

Infographics are visual media. Hence, make it look appealing; something your audience will want to check out, read, and share.

4) Share

Share your infographic link on social media and everywhere you can online. You made it to be seen, so facilitate it.

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3 SEO Tips To Help You Prepare For 2017

3 SEO Tips

3 SEO Tips To Help You Prepare For 2017

With 2017 just around the bend, predictions of what SEO techniques will work best in the coming year are par for the course. And while no one will know for sure what works best till the year actually commences for a good couple of months, in general, there are a few common trends that most SEO experts and analysts seem to agree on.

So without further ado, here are three SEO tips that can only help your online presence – both for the remainder of this year and for 2017:

1) Re-share Content

Before, the most repeated advice was that you must share your content on social media to be seen and to get traffic. However, since everyone is doing that now, it means that even sharing your content on social media is not a sure-fire way to make sure your audience actually sees your content. After all, everyone’s feeds are pretty full now. On the bright side, though, the fix for this is fairly simple: Re-share and redistribute your content multiple times on social media. This way, you not only improve your chances of being seen, but you have regular updates to post without necessarily creating new content each time.

2) Jump into Video Content

Videos are more popular than ever and that trend is on a steep rise. So it’ll be wise to inculcate your content strategy with a lot of video content (like live video, edited videos, episodes, animations, etc.) in 2017.

3) Engage Your Viewers on Social Media

All right, social media is a great avenue to advertise your business and products and increase sales. However, it’s a good idea not to only focus on sales and focus more of your strategy in engaging your customers and audience. For, engaging your audience positively is far more likely to win their loyalty and thereby get you long-term customers for your business – which is a better advantage in the long run.

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SEO Bookmarklets & How They Help You?

SEO Bookmarklets & How They Help You?

SEO Bookmarklets

What are Bookmarklets?

Before we get to how awesome SEO Bookmarklets are and why you should install them, here’s a brief introduction to what Bookmarklets are in the first place: Bookmarklets are small snippets of Java code that work just like web browser Bookmarks or browser extensions, in that they provide you with links attached to your web browser which can open a certain web page on your web browser or perform a certain function on your web browser. The difference here though, is that, unlike browser extensions, Bookmarklets are much kinder to your RAM. In other words, bookmarklets won’t work on your RAM and slow down your web browser simply because they have been installed; they will only use your RAM when they are actually put to use. (Whereas, browser extensions leech onto your RAM the moment your web browser is opened, whether you actually use those particular browser extensions or not.)

As for the difference between web browser Bookmarks and Bookmarklets, the main distinction between them is that a Bookmarklet address starts with “javascript:” in its URL address, while a Bookmark has a much more traditional URL address format.

SEO Bookmarklets

SEO Bookmarklets consequently help you supercharge your website and your online brand presence when used right. And to that end, here are 3 great SEO Bookmarklets you should consider installing:

1) Broken Links Checker
Broken Links Checker gives you a detailed list of all the broken links present in the site you are are viewing.

2) Backlink Analysis
Backlink Analysis performs a backlink check and creates a subsequent report on the backlinks of the website you are viewing.

3) On-Site SEO
On-Site SEO is an all-round SEO bookmarklet and provides tons of information regarding keywords, titles, links, etc.

There are dozens of other such SEO Bookmarklets available on the Web as well, and they will easily help spruce up and monitor the status of any website’s SEO.

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2 Tools Every Social Media Marketer Should Start Using Today

2 Tools Every Social Media Marketer Should Start Using Today

Anyone into social media marketing – whether it’s for their own business or their profession sees them handling other business accounts on social media – knows what a time-consuming job it can be. Luckily, there are a number of Web tools out there that can make the job of social media marketers much less cumbersome. Here are two of such Web tools that you should certainly consider using to better make use of your social media accounts:


1) Canva

Canva is an app that offers users a number of beautiful layout that they can use to design presentations, create eye-catching social media graphics, and generally assists you with practically anything that will help your social media posts be more visually appealing. There are number of free vectors and stock photos that are available free with the app – and this is in addition to being able to use your own set of visuals too. Icons, shapes, and fonts are available for users to edit, modify, and use as they please as well. Plus, a number of beautiful filters and image editing tools help you modify your own images to make them social-media worthy as well. In essence, this app will make your social media posts much more eye-catching and click-inducing.


2) Feedly

As any Feedlysocial media marketer knows, it’s not enough to share your own content, but you need to share other content as well. However, finding good, useful content that fits into your niche can be alarmingly time-consuming. Which is why you need a content curation app like Feedly. For, with this app, you can subscribe to the blogs, feeds, and accounts that you appreciate, while also getting suggestions for the latest and best feeds you can subscribe to in the content categories that you want. That this app allows you to organize your feeds so that yournot overwhelmed by content also helps you much better manage your time with regards to social media.

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3 Possible Reasons Why Your Content Isn’t Attracting Links?

Content & Backlinks

3 Possible Reasons Why Your Content Isn’t Attracting Links?

Consider this: You’ve got the content and you’re faithfully posting regular and relevant topics every week that lines up with the niche of your site. That’s good. But, you also aren’t getting any backlinks to your content. And considering that backlinks can really amp up your SERP rating, this is not so good. But, you also have no idea why you’re not attracting links, and you don’t know what you might be able to do about it.

If you think the above situation is similar to your own, then this article is for you. It deals with three common reasons why certain content doesn’t seem to be attracting links and what one can do to possibly rectify this:

1) Problem: Your Content is Irrelevant

Understand that a lot of your content might very well have gotten irrelevant over time. And consequently, it won’t garner your audience’s interest anymore as the information provided in your content is irrelevant. (Also, even if your content is relevant, make sure that it is clear, easy to understand, and well-structured.)


Check your old posts. Update the information in it so that it is relevant and ensure that it’s checked and fixed for any flaws. Also, when creating new content, ensure that your topics are relevant and well-written.

2) Problem: Your Content isn’t Promoted Enough

Maybe you’re not promoting your content on social media enough. Or perhaps you’ve ignored sharing your old content on social media because it was shared months or years ago. Well, how will people find your content if you don’t promote it?


Always, always promote your posts on social media. And often. Even if you’re re-sharing old content multiple times on numerous social media sites, do it. Flaunt your content so people can find it.

3) Problem: You’re Asking the Wrong Niches or Websites for Backlinks

You’ve approached many websites for backlinks but have come up empty despite your efforts.


Consider that maybe you’re looking at the wrong niches and websites for your content, or that you’re creating the wrong kind of content for your niche. And then either find the right niche sites for your content or re-structure your content to fit those websites’ niche.

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3 Tips To Creating Posts Your Audience Will Love


3 Tips To Creating Posts Your Audience Will Love

‘Content is King’ has been a common mantra when it comes to digital marketing recently. And for the most part, it’s absolutely right: Quality content will do much more for your brand, business, and sales than most SEO tricks ever will. And the best part is, no change in the Google search engine algorithm will ever negate the fact that Internet users want sound, interesting, and relevant content for all their search queries.

However, while it’s great to create regular content, you also have plenty of competition when it comes to content marketing on the Web. Hence, you need to create posts that your audience will enjoy if you truly want to reap the benefits of content marketing.

Towards that end, here are three important tips on how you can create content that your audience will genuinely engage with:

1) Focus on the user, not the search engine

After all, the search engine merely lists links to your content. But how well a user will engage with and love your content will depend entirely on how well you design your post to accommodate your audience’s needs. And if your content isn’t interesting to your audience, they’ll simply exit your site quickly (which will reduce your page ranking anyway).

2) Create quality content

Content ridden with factual and grammatical errors will turn readers off your content faster than you can click “publish” for a post. So, pay attention to the way you craft your content. Make it clear and easy to read as well so that your content is easy to understand and consume.

3) Use relevant and similar keywords

Google’s recent algorithm updates no longer require your keywords to be identical to a search query (though, it’s not a disadvantage either). Rather, if you have keywords that are merely similar in meaning to the search query in the search engine, then your content has a good chance of being found. For example, if the search query is “how do build a model ship”, then you won’t necessarily get results containing the very same keywords, but rather links that show or explain what building a model ship entails. (Plus, using similar keywords and synonyms means you don’t run the risk of stuffing your content with the same keywords either.)

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How Clickbait Content Works?

clickbait content

How Clickbait Content Works?

First of all, let’s clarify the question of “What is clickbait?” Well, in general terms, clickbait is simply content that seems sensational and interesting and is mainly crafted to induce a large number of Web users to visit a particular site. In other terms, clickbait is just content with creative headlines that will induce users to click on the link for more information – and thereby visit the website that the clickbait content is posted on.

In these terms, clickbait is pretty innocent. After all, creative journalism is certainly not a fault. However, the problems with clickbait started when it was used to simply post large spans of unnecessary and generally useless content on the Web, and then entice Web users to read them. Worse still, such content was usually poorly written and factually incorrect – and sometimes not very related to what the headline of the content hinted at.

Again, creativity isn’t a bad thing. And information – no matter how trivial – might very well be found useful to one party or another. But incorrect information? Or information completely unrelated to the content’s headline? That’s misdirection. And unless done by a magician, it is very annoying. Even worse, most sites hire writers to write clickbait content in order to remotely link some of their content that is only obscurely related to the topic. And hence, it became a form of buying backlinks to one’s site.

However, as with any shady strategy, Web users have wised up and no longer get attracted to clickbait content. In fact, with all the similarly provocative clickbait titles that have been flitting about, it’s now very easy for a reader to sense when a title is just leading them to useless content. So in short, the clickbait strategy simply doesn’t work anymore. (Thankfully!) Plus, if your website tends to use clickbait content too much, then Internet audiences generally start steering clear of such content and websites – which is no good for that website’s search rankings or its traffic ratings.

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4 SEO Techniques To Improve The Product Page Rankings Of Ecommerce Site

ecommerce SEO

4 SEO Techniques To Improve The Product Page Rankings Of Ecommerce Site

Ecommerce is a thriving industry at the moment – which is probably great news if you’re currently running or planning to start an online store for your business. However, on the flipside, how common ecommerce stores are now means that your own online store will be facing tons of competition. And that begs the question: How do you improve your product page rankings so that you’ll be found (relevantly) in search engine results for such products?

Well, the short answer is to check each of your product page’s state of SEO. And in that spirit, here are four SEO techniques you can apply to all the various web pages of your e-store:

1) Short and Relevant URLs

For each of your product pages, use as short a length of URL addresses as you can manage. Keep the URL relevant to your product, and make sure all the major keywords necessary for your product are included. (The length of the URL is important as too long URLs can become broken links when shared.)

2) Mobile Friendly Web Page

Most users use their smartphones to shop online today. So you need to make sure that your entire ecommerce site as well as each individual product page is mobile responsive in its design.

3) Include “Site Search” in Every Page

Being able to search for products within your ecommerce site is a very important feature. Hence, make sure that your site’s home page, individual products pages, contact page, etc., all have a site search [bar] facility on the web page.

4) Optimize The Page Loading Time

Optimize every page in your website so that it loads on all web browsers as quickly as possible. Because nothing can make a potential customer leave your site faster than a page that takes too long to load. A loading time of 8 seconds or less is optimum.

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