Product Catalogue Profiles On Instagram To Promote Your Business


Product Catalogue Profiles On Instagram To Promote Your Business

Do you have an Instagram account? Do you use it to advertise, promote, or market for your business? Well, if you don’t, it’s about time that you got into practice. Because, Instagram is a great platform to market in and its tools make it a very interesting avenue to advertise on as well.

If you already do use Instagram for your business, though, fantastic! But whichever camp you’re in, you should still check out this great marketing technique that will make an interesting and effective impression on your customers. And that is the strategy of using different Instagram profiles for different categories of [your] products on Instagram, and then using them all as catalogue profiles to promote your business and generate sales.

Here’s how you do it:

1) First of all, decide on your different categories of products. Then make sure your website’s products are arranged according to these category classifications.

2) Create email IDs for each unique product category that you want to include in your Instagram promotion.

3) Use these separate emails to create separate Instagram profiles (i.e., Instagram accounts) for each of these product categories.

4) Complete each product category’s profile on Instagram, and then upload the images of each product that falls under this profile’s product category. (This are the separate catalogue profiles that we mentioned before.)

5) Each image must be tagged/linked/connected to the respective product purchase page on your website. (This way, if users find a product that they like, all they need to do is click on that product’s image and they will be redirected to the purchase page of that product on your website.)

6) Also, include a link in the bio section of the [product] catalogue profile that will directly link users to the respective purchase page.

With this technique, you’ve essentially created an Instagram account version of your website thanks to your interlinked product images. And it attracts users and buyers on Instagram just as well as (if not better than) your website does.

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Conversion Tracking Is Now Available on LinkedIn

Linkedin ConversionTracking

Conversion Tracking Is Now Available on LinkedIn

1) LinkedIn’s New Conversion Tracking

Good news! LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager now has a facility to measure your sponsored content and text ad campaigns on LinkedIn. More specifically, the Campaign Manager can now track and measure how many conversions are actually generated by each of your LinkedIn “Text Ads” campaigns and “Sponsored Content” updates. And when we say “conversions”, we’re referring to the content downloads, sign-ups, purchases, leads, and the whole shebang of specific results that these ads generate on LinkedIn.

2) Marketing on LinkedIn Just Got Better

If you’re a marketer in any capacity, you know this is reason to celebrate. For your job just got a whole lot more manageable. Because, with this new tool, marketers will not just be able to measure how many conversions (and what kinds of conversions) each ad is pulling in on LinkedIn, but they will also be able to assess the technicalities and influences of each ad. Plus, marketers will be able to scrutinize the “unique” audiences on LinkedIn that are driving these conversion numbers too.

3) The Potential LinkedIn’s New Conversion Tracking Tool Holds

In turn, this information and understanding gained about one’s LinkedIn Sponsored Content and Text Ads campaigns will allow marketers to tweak their ads to gain a much higher number of conversions than was previously possible. As a result, this tool has the potential to greatly improve a brand’s engagement on LinkedIn, improve the quality of leads, and gain many more new followers than before.

Considering that LinkedIn is a platform for professionals, marketers have long been looking for ways to get better insights for their ads and content on LinkedIn. And now, thanks to its new conversion tracking tool, better insights and performance tracking is exactly what LinkedIn is offering to its users Marketers on LinkedIn can consequently optimize their advertising campaigns for the highest number of conversions they can achieve.

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3 Tips On Monitoring Your Social Media Business Etiquette


Social Media etiquette

3 Tips On Monitoring Your Social Media Business Etiquette

From a platform of fun and leisure, social media has transformed in the last two decades to become an even platform for businesses as well. However, while corporate etiquette is something that most are familiar with, it’s social media etiquette that many brands make a misstep in – and that can greatly damage a brand’s online reputation or, at the least, make them lose a good marketing or business opportunity.

To avoid such scenarios, here is a list of three tips regarding the most common yet avoidable social media faux pas that brands should monitor and protect against:

1) Using Inappropriate Humor

Humor is a wonderful tool, and, when used appropriately, can be the best content weapon in your marketing and business arsenal. However, “appropriate” humor is the key factor here. And to know what’s appropriate, you’ll first need to understand your audience. This understanding ensures that you don’t offend your audience’s sensibilities, or that you don’t use humor that goes above their heads and falls flat. And, as what can offend your audience members is sometimes unpredictable, getting a few other people to check out your content before you post it is a good practice.

2) Failing to Respond to Reviews

When a user posts a positive or negative review on your brand’s social media page, it is imperative that you respond to it. Also, don’t simply respond only to the negative reviews. You should also (politely and professionally) acknowledge and thank positive reviews as well. Social media is a platform for engagement, after all. And your followers expect you to engage with them.

3) Overlooking Wrong Facts and Typos

Always, always proofread your content before posting it. Use a grammar and spell-checking tool, and then re-check the content for anything the tool might have missed. For, there is nothing that can halt a good social media conversation (or alter the direction you want a social media conversation to go) than an obvious spelling or grammatical error in your content. Also, double check what you put up as facts in your content.

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How Twitter Conversational Ads And Instant Unlock Cards Work?

Twitter conversational ads

How Twitter Conversational Ads And Instant Unlock Cards Work?

The main purpose of using Twitter’s conversational ads and instant unlock cards is two-fold: It encourages Twitter users to engage with the ad, and it encourages them to re-tweet the ad with their own followers.

When using such ads for your marketing campaign on Twitter, the instant unlock cards are so useful due to their propensity for going viral. The ads in question too are usually used to engage Twitter users in two unique ways:

(1) The advertiser or business sets up the conversational ad to present two teams with two respective hash tags, and then they encourage their audience to pick a team. The instant unlock card used in the ad will have two buttons with the respective hash tag on it, and the user can click on the respective hash tag (team) of their choice in order to tweet their team choice to their own followers. What happens here is that, the moment a user chooses one of the hash tags (teams) and tweets it, the business’s or advertiser’s conversational ad is re-tweeted to that user’s followers (along with that user’s hash tag tweet).

(2) The advertiser or business sets up their Twitter conversational ad with one hash tag on their instant unlock card. And then they encourage Twitter users to click on that hash tag button on their ad in order to tweet that hash tag to their own followers – in exchange for the brand revealing exclusive content (that can only be seen once the hash tag is tweeted by the user).

Since both these options also allow the users to customize their tweets if they wish (as long as they use the ad’s hash tag in their tweet), users are also able to tweet to other Twitter handles they know as well. And, in either case, such ads encourage Twitter users to not only engage with the brand, but to also re-tweet the ad and thereby help make it go viral.

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Guidelines For Creating Video Ads To Nurture Leads

Video Advertising

Guidelines For Creating Video Ads To Nurture Leads

Video ads engage users like no other medium does. Plus, it also manages to pack and convey a lot more information in a much quicker way to the audience. Hence, it’s not a stretch to say that using video ads to nurture leads for your business would be incredibly rewarding and good for conversions.

On that note, here are the things you most need to know about creating video ads to nurture leads for your business:

(1)You’ll need to make a minimum of two or three video ads to create a video lead nurture campaign. Whether you use two or three videos depends on the nature of your brand: If your brand and message is complex and the ad has quite a bit of information, then it’s advisable that you use three ads. If it’s simple and your point is much more effectively made with two ads, then limit it to two videos.

(2)The first video should be an introduction to your brand first and foremost. And you should develop the video based on what will appeal to and what is important to your chosen demographic and psychographic audience pool. This video ad should connect with your audience at a personal level and generate interest within them regarding your brand. Keep the video short as well in order to keep your audience’s interest till the end of it.

(3)The second video will be targeted at the same custom audience who watched your first video, so these will all be users who are now aware of your brand and interested in your business, products, and services. So in this video, you need to prove why customers should choose you to solve their needs. Hence, demos, testimonials, interviews, webinars, etc., can be part of this video. (It can also be longer than the first video.)

(4)The final video should have your call to action or “hook”. This is the video that reels in the customers completely and converts your potential leads into actual customers. (Again, if the ad concept and your brand’s solutions are pretty simple and direct, the second and third video’s objectives can be grouped into one final video as well.)

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A Step-Wise Guide To Creating Facebook Loop Giveaways

facebook loop giveaway

A Step-Wise Guide To Creating Facebook Loop Giveaways

A Loop Giveaway on Facebook is a great way to gain more likes and interactions on your Facebook page. And you even expand your reach to other businesses audiences through your collaboration with them.
Here are all the vital steps to creating a Loop Giveaway on Facebook:

Step 1 – Plan your Loop Giveaway

Decide which businesses you want to collaborate with, what (equal) prize value you want each page to allot for their giveaway, the dates (i.e., start and end dates), time, and duration of the giveaway, and the order in which the loop should flow (i.e., which business page comes after which).

Step 2 – Invite Other Businesses to Join Your Loop Giveaway

Once you have a plan, invite the businesses you’ve picked to be part of your Loop Giveaway on Facebook with clear explanations on what they can expect and what they are required to do and commit.

Step 3 – Give Instructions to Pages that have Agreed to Participating

Give them all the info they will need regarding the Loop Giveaway (such as the order of the loop, the start and end times and dates, how to schedule the post, etc.). Also, ensure beforehand that they’ve set up a scheduled post for when the Loop Giveaway should begin. In fact, it’s a good idea to send a screenshot of your own scheduled post and ask for theirs. For, it is imperative that the loop is live on all collaborating Facebook pages at the same time. (Ensure that collaborating pages also set these posts up as “Pins” on their Facebook pages for the duration of the Facebook Loop Giveaway.)

Step 4 – Promote the Facebook Loop Giveaway from the Moment it Goes Live

For the entire duration of the Facebook Loop Giveaway, from the moment it goes live, you’ll need to promote the event in every way you can. Send emails to your email list, post it on Twitter, your personal Facebook page, Instagram, and every other place you can manage on social media. For, the more people that see your event and participate, the more successful it will be.

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Why & How Of Adding Web Browser Push Notifications To Your Blog

Web browser push notifiaction

Why &  How Of Adding Web Browser Push Notifications To Your Blog

Why you should add web browser push notifications to your blog:
Despite enjoying the content on your blog, users are often still reluctant to subscribe to future posts using their email Ids. In such circumstances, in order to not lose your readership, the alternative is to add web browser push notifications to your blog.
When you add a web browser push notification tool to your blog, visitors to your blog can receive notifications of new posts from your blog right in their web browser (with just a single click or two and without entering their email ID). Currently, Chrome and Safari web browsers support the use of such a tool.

How to add a web browser push notification tool to your blog

There are a number of web browser push notification tools you can add to your blog (like PushCrew, RealTime, Roost, etc.). But, for the sake of this article, we’re going to focus on adding PushCrew to your blog for visitors using Chrome and Safari web browsers. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1

Go to PushCrew’s website and register there for a free account.

Step 2

In your registered PushCrew account, on your dashboard, the first step you’ll be directed to is to copy and paste a block of code into your website (which should be pasted before the </head> tag on your website). You also have the option to email this code to your web developer (if you’ve hired one). If yours is a WordPress or Joomla website, though, this code can also be added automatically by installing the PushCrew plugin on your website.

Step 3

Customize your opt-in box. Click on the “Configure text, logo and colors in the box”, and then customize the text so that your visitors know exactly what they will receive from your blog if they allow push notifications from your site.
Then, on your PushCrew dashboard, in the RSS-to-push tab, add your RSS feed’s URL to send automatic notifications about your posts to your push notification subscribers.

And voila, you’re all set!

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3 New Features From Top Social Media Platforms Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

Social Media Platform

3 New Features From Top Social Media Platforms Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

There are a number of tools being introduced pretty frequently on the World Wide Web. But when these tools are introduced by social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, it’s wise to sit up and take notice.
So on that note, here are three new social media features that were recently introduced on the Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn platforms, respectively:

1) Facebook: New Features for Slideshow Ads

Facebook has implemented new features into their Slideshow Ads. Audio and text functionality has been added to the Slideshow Ad product, along with other features. Advertisers and marketers can also use their video assets and convert them into slideshows that will play at slower Internet speeds. These new features are available on both Facebook and Instagram.

2) Twitter: Availability of a Direct Message Button for Websites

Now, website owners can get a Message or Direct Message Button from Twitter on their website. This button will allow visitors to direct message (DM) the website owners on Twitter directly through their website. The main purpose of this tool is to encourage website visitors to start conversations with the website owners. However, website owners are advised to change their settings to be able to receive messages from both followers and non-followers, as that will get the best use out of this button.

3) LinkedIn: Addition of New Content Search Features to the LinkedIn Mobile App

Now, on the LinkedIn mobile app, users have three new content search options: (1) They can search their LinkedIn feed and find what they’re searching for on the search results page under the Posts tab. (2) Users can refine their search even further in order to delve deeper into their topics of interest. (3) Users can add a searchable hash tag to their LinkedIn posts. Currently, these features are available (on both iOS and Android platforms) only in English, but LinkedIn is working to spread that range to all users.

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