4 Great Social Media Apps To Use With Slack


4 Great Social Media Apps To Use With Slack

As a social media marketer, chances are that you’re already using Slack to collaborate online with your team members. If you haven’t heard of Slack before though, Slack is a cloud-based teamwork software. And you should seriously consider using this software to collaborate with your team: The list of social media tools you can use to customize Slack (for online marketing) is incredible and a real boon to online marketers.

And that’s what this post’s really about: The great ways in which you can use various social media customizations with Slack that assist you in your marketing strategies. And here are four of those awesome ways:

1) Nuzzel with Slack will Get You Popular Content in Your Channel

Integrating Nuzzel with Slack will bring you notifications of your favorite kinds of news feeds right through a Slack channel. (It works by drawing data from your Facebook and Twitter news feeds, which are based on your preferences and interests.)

2) RSS Feeds with Slack will Get You Updates from All of Your Subscribed RSS Feeds

As with the other social media tools, that you integrated with Slack, integrating your RSS feeds (i.e., your RSS subscriptions) with Slack will get you all the new updates posted right in a Slack channel.

3) Giphy with Slack will Help You Find GIFs Easily on Slack

The Giphy customization is a must-have on Slack with today’s video-obsessed audience. For, it allows you to post great GIFs without even changing your platform from Slack.

4) The Urban App with Slack will Make You an Expert on Urban Slang

Ever seen something online and wondered what on earth it meant? Well, now, you can easily check any kind of slang and informal lingo out on Slack with the “Urban” app from Urban dictionary.
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3 Cool Tips On Creating Your Facebook Live Videos

Facebook live videos

3 Cool Tips On Creating Your Facebook Live Videos

Videos, as you probably well know, are all the rage right now. And Facebook videos especially are making waves more than videos on any other social media platform. Thus, it’s no surprise that Facebook Live is a popular and trending tool and that everyone wants to get in on the live Facebook video broadcasting action. In fact, you probably already use Facebook Live. And if so, great! And if not, it would be a very good idea for you to give it a whirl.

If you have used Facebook Live, though, and are still using it to create great videos, then inculcate the following creative tips to make your video even more awesome:

1) Questions, Questions, and More Questions

Remember that the more interactive your Videos are, the better they are. And what’s the best way to get your audience engaged in your video? Questions. Lot of questions. And this goes both ways: Initiate conversation. Ask your audience questions about what they think (on what your video is discussing), and invite question and answer sessions (either questions at random or questions specific to the topic of your video, or both). This kind of engagement is what will really boost your reach.

2) Invite Background Questions

Don’t fret: We’re not talking about your background, but rather the background of the video your shooting: as in, the location you’re shooting at. It doesn’t matter whether that means you’re at an outside location somewhere or in your home office. Give your audience a little peek into where you are and encourage questions about what they see in the background and around you.

3) Prepare but Don’t Overprepare

This is an important one: You certainly need to have an idea about your topic and a general idea of what your video will contain and what concepts you will talk about this session. But don’t overdo it. Live videos are supposed to be pretty raw and honest. And sometimes the best bits of your video are the ones you could have never planned.

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3 Simple Ways To Engage Your Customers On Social Media

Social Media Engagement

3 Simple Ways To Engage Your Customers On Social Media

Social media marketing is often the lifeblood of many small businesses – not least because most of the marketing techniques here are free (or inexpensive) and that social media is where most of your customers hang out a majority of the time. However, as this is a large platform, competition is fierce, and thus, engaging your customers with your social media posts is the key goal.

Here are 3 simple ways you can do so:

1) Create interest-grabbing catchy headlines

Your posts’ headlines are what’s going to be front and center when a customer comes across your posts’ links on social media. Hence, pick one that catches their interest: Use witty puns or jokes. Ask questions that will prompt an answer. In short, make your customer want to click on that link in the first five to ten seconds that he or she sees it: And that can only be done with the headline.

2) Use good quality (and relevant) photos and videos in your posts

This might seem like a no-brainer but the number of posts you can find on social media that don’t follow this obvious tip say otherwise: Use good quality photos and videos in your post, and make sure they are relevant to your post’s topic. Visual appeal is paramount in this visual age, and a great image can only attract a customer to click on your link. Make sure that your post’s landing page contains the same high quality of photos and videos as well.

3) Hold an online contest on your social media page

Nothing excites a customer more than the potential to win something or even receive something for free. So host a contest (and even giveaways) on your social media page from time to time. It’s still the best method of getting social media engagement from your customers.

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3 Free Browser Extensions That Will Speed Up Your Social Media Posts

browser extensions

3 Free Browser Extensions That Will Speed Up Your Social Media Posts

Online marketing can be a lengthy process, especially as we need to usually manage multiple online platforms at a time. Add to that the distracting and (addictively) fun nature of social media in itself, and it’s easy to see yourself losing time. So, to help online marketers fit in the required number of social media posts and shares despite their busy schedules, the Internet has struck again by providing us with some handy-dandy browser extensions to make our work easier.

Here are three of those time-saving browser extensions for you to install. (And the best part is, you can just install the free versions of them before you consider the paid versions):

1) Grammarly

Grammarly, the current reigning monarch of the editing apps on the Internet, is a must have browser extension for any online marketer. For, once you install it, Grammarly will edit your post as and when you type it no matter which program or platform you are typing in. Alternately, you can also copy the content and paste it on the Grammarly website, or upload a document. But we’re concentrating on time-saving processes here, which is why you should definitely get the Grammarly browser extension. (Note: A green symbol means you’re good to post, red means you have corrections to apply.)

2) Hootlet

Hootlet is the browser extension of Hootsuite. And, like Hootsuite, Hootlet allows you to schedule and manage social media posts. The only difference is, you can now do this directly from your browser: Simply find an article you want to share, click the Hootlet button on the browser, and then just decide whether or not to edit the post, which social media site you want to share the post to, and when you want it shared.

3) RocketBolt

RocketBolt is an email tracking app. But the speciality about RocketBolt is that it tells you the “specific person” that is reading your email, thereby giving you even more specialized data. (Note: The browser button is a prop, but it unlocks RocketBolt’s features and makes it work with your email accounts.)

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What You Should Know About Using Affiliate Links on Pinterest?

Affiliate Links On Pintrest

What You Should Know About Using Affiliate Links on Pinterest?

Affiliate links are a great source of revenue. And, considering that Pinterest is a lovely place to market products, using affiliate links in your Pins is a really good idea. Plus, Pinterest has lifted its ban on using affiliate links on the site, so now’s a prime time for any Pinterester to get in on the action.

However, before you go crazy with affiliate links in your Pins, here are some guidelines and tips worth knowing:

1) The affiliate links you use should be links and products that you yourself trust, or you will be hurting your own brand.
2) Include affiliate links in Pins that refer to the product and category that you are (affiliate) linking to.
3) You are obligated to disclose when you are using affiliate links. Therefore, any of your Pins that have affiliate links should have {affiliate} or {affiliate link} in your Pin’s description.
4) Don’t shorten your affiliate links with link shortening apps like Bitly. Because, it will interfere with tracking the link and can either cause a broken link or your affiliate link not registering as such (which removes the purpose of you using affiliate links in your Pins in the first place).
5) Make a note of which companies actually support using Pinterest for affiliate links. For instance, Amazon currently doesn’t support Pinterest for using affiliate links to their products. So such links in your Pins would give you no benefit.

So those are the more pertinent aspects of using affiliate links on Pinterest. Other than this, though, here are a few tips that are complementary in aiding your own growth of followers when using affiliate links on Pinterest:

1) Arrange your Boards so that you create the first impression you want when potential followers see your Boards. Your profile description should describe your product and brand clearly as well.
2) Give titles and descriptions to your boards that are self-explanatory (especially the titles).
3) Share your Pins and Boards (with affiliate links) on your other social media sites as well.

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3 Tips To Improve Your Twitter Ads

twitter ads

3 Tips To Improve Your Twitter Ads

The thing about Twitter Ads is that, well, everybody is using them. So how do you make you Twitter advertisements stand out from the throng? Or even reach your niche audience adequately? Well, the truth is, that depends on how well you design your ad and how good your product is. But, on a more cheerful note, there are things you can do with Twitter Ads that will improve your advertisements’ performance on Twitter in general. And all it takes is a good amount of research and market-savvy. Here are three golden tips to help you on your way:

1) Tweak Your Bidding Options

By default, your bid type on Twitter Ads is “Automatic bid”. So first, you’re going to have to tweak this to your requirements.
Go to the advanced options in the Budget section of the Twitter Ads and, under “Choose pricing”, you can choose either the “Maximum bid” option or the “Target cost” option for your ad. Both these options will greatly improve the performance of your Twitter ad. (Just ensure that you remember that the price you define is for each engagement action – like clicks, leads, etc. – that you get for your ad.)

2) Use Twitter Analytics to Refine Your Target Audience

Twitter Analytics will easily give you all the information you need on your target audience – even helping you better define your target audience. So, take your time browsing through the different tabs and sub-sections of Twitter Analytics and design your ad (and even your price range) based on the data given to you. This will in turn ensure that your ad reaches the maximum amount of customers in your audience niche.

3) Target Your Ads to Influencers and Their Followers

First, find Influencers on Twitter who have a large following and are in the target niche of your required customers and audience. Then, after you set the initial criteria for your Twitter Ad, use the “Add Followers” button under the additional targeting section, and then enter the Twitter handles of your niche’s Influencers. This will target the ad to the Influencers’ followers as well, and will thereby get the ad in front of even more of your target niche.

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Pinterest Revamps Its Targeting Tools For Ads

Pinterest Ads Manager

Pinterest Revamps Its Targeting Tools For Ads

Targeting tools on Pinterest are what make the difference between your Pins being seen by people who are interested in them and being seen by people who will simply scroll by and never think of it again. And Pinterest, being the fabulous social media platform for products and ecommerce that it is, it takes its targeting tools even more seriously. Read more

3 Awesome Techniques For Weilding Facebook Live For Sales

Facebook Live

3 Awesome Techniques For Weilding Facebook Live For Sales

Using Facebook Live videos on your Facebook business page or in a Facebook group you manage is an absolutely inspired way to generate more sales. And here are three techniques you should use with Facebook Live that (if planned and executed well) will surely aid your business in garnering a wider audience and generating more sales:

1) Take advantage of a milestone and turn it into an event

Take charge of a coming anniversary or milestone event in your business and turn it into a live event or celebration. Then, broadcast this event or celebration using Facebook Live.
However, ensure that the content of this broadcast is thoroughly planned and marketed well before the actual live broadcast begins. Also, don’t limit the celebration or event to one video for one day. Rather, live-stream the pre-party as well, along with any other related aspects of the milestone that will make for a good video.

2) Make a series of videos using Facebook Live about your product or service

Whether your business is into a product or service at its core, a Facebook Live video series is a great way for generating sales. For instance, for products, have a series of videos about a sale that you’re conducting – including videos regarding backstage planning and product packaging as well. Whereas, if your business revolves around a service, a seminar or coaching, videos would work just as well. And again, sneak peeks into the behind-the-scenes aspects of the video will still be popular.

3) Use Q & A sessions to interact directly with your customers and audience

Q & A is a tried and true technique that never fails to engage your audience. And Facebook Live videos is a perfect platform for this too. Just make sure that you keep up with the comments on the video so as to not miss out on any query or interacting opportunity.

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5 Fabulous Ways To Use Snapchat For Business

snapchat for business

5 Fabulous Ways To Use Snapchat For Business

Snapchat, with its time-limited and bite-sized portions of content can seem an ineffectual platform for businesses on social media. But, when used right, Snapchat can be a fantastic way to gain more followers and potential customers for a business. And, to that end, here are five great ways in which you can use Snapchat to promote your business:

1) Give a sneak peek into the backstage area of your business

Whether your business is big or small, your customers and follower will be intrigued by a behind-the-scenes video or photos of the working of your business. Whether this sneak peek includes a preview of an even or how the product is made, you will have a intrigued audience either way.

2) Be “real” and authentic in your content

Snapchat offers only bit-sized pieces of content. So make the most of it: Ensure that you put up real and authentic content about your business. Don’t worry if it’s a little rough. Your customers will appreciate the honesty and the reality of it.

3) Provide value to your followers within your Snapchat content

Ensure that the content you put up is not merely self-serving: You need to provide value to your customers. So put up content that they will find value in. Provide promo codes and VIP content that only your followers and can access. Address ideas and issues that matter to your followers.

4) Give a product demonstration

Providing video demos of your products on Snapchat is a great way to keep your customers hooked. This is especially useful too when you have new customers. Or if you’re in the business of producing new technology and products; or even if you’re just into coaching sessions of some sort.

5) Promote events on Snapchat that are on a time limit

Since Snapchat content is time-limited in and of itself, this is a great social platform to promote events or offers related to your business that are only available for a limited amount of time.

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The Status of Social Videos: Current Standing and Future Forecast

social video

The Status of Social Videos: Current Standing and Future Forecast

Social Videos have been on the rise for a while now. And, currently, they’re taking the social media world by storm, thanks to the sheer numbers of varied video content that is uploaded since recent times. Both professional marketers and small to medium size business owners are all over this trend as well. And consequently, the future looks bright for social videos.

So, if you’re a business owner, or in some professional niche of marketing, here’s what you need to know about this interesting trend:

The Current Ongoing Status of Social Videos

At the moment, these are the hallmarks that define the trend of social videos for online marketing:

1) Small to medium businesses and marketers are plunging more and more into the practice of creating and uploading video content.
2) Both marketers and business owners admit that they don’t know enough about utilizing social videos to get the optimal potential out of them.
3) Facebook ranks first as the most impactful social channel where video content is concerned. YouTube ranks second.
4) Mobile-based platforms are still soaring as an impactful platform for online marketing, even in the case of social videos.
5) Business owners and marketers rank video marketing as a skill above all other avenues of online marketing (i.e., email marketing, graphic design, content or text marketing, podcasts, etc.)

The Future Forecast for Social Videos

Based on the current trends regarding video marketing on social media, the future forecast for this avenue looks highly promising. Here is the expected forecast for social videos regarding the next year:

1) The number of videos bombarding social media will only increase.
2) Marketers and small to medium business owners will invest much more in video marketing in the following year.
3) Video marketing will be a highly sought out skill – both for gaining jobs as well as for businesses to gain more customers.

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