Changes Marketers Need To Know About How Facebook News Feeds Works?

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Changes Marketers Need To Know About How Facebook News Feeds Works?

Facebook recently gave their views on how they’re revamping how Facebook News Feeds works. And, for any online marketer, considering what a huge marketing platform Facebook is, here are three changes that every marketer definitely needs to be aware of to get the most out of Facebook News Feeds:

1) The amount of time a user spends on a content topic is prioritized

Facebook has announced that it will prioritize content based on how much time a user spends on it. That is, whether the content is video, audio, images, or text, Facebook will measure the amount of time a user spends reading, watching, or listening to that content, and accordingly prioritize that particular content.
Hence, ensure that your content – whether video, articles, instant articles, etc. – is engaging enough for users to spend time consuming it, and your content will be prioritized on Facebook News Feeds.

2) The diversity of news feed sources will be a major factor

Facebook has learned that users actually prefer engaging with diverse content from different sources rather than the same kind of content over and over again from the same sources. So, Facebook has decided that it will limit how much content a user sees from the same source. Instead, it will give the user exposure to content from various publishers and sources instead.
To take advantage of this change, the easiest thing you can do is share many kinds of content from different sources: For example, share posts from your main blog, a sub-blog, LinkedIn posts, Pinterest links, etc. The trick is to share content from these different sources every day to get maximum exposure.

3) Facebook will consider the type of content a user engages with most

Depending on the user, some will prefer image content, some will prefer videos, others will prefer audio, and still others might prefer text content. Facebook will now measure the type of content a user engages with most, and then show that type of content predominantly in that user’s news feed.
The best way to use this change is to have the same content reformed in image, audio, video, and text content. This way, no matter which type of content is preferred, your content will still reach the user. Contact SEO Freelancer Mumbai For Social Media Marketing @+91-8451924760 or Now!

Quick Social Media Techniques To Grow Your Business

Social Media

Quick Social Media Techniques To Grow Your Business

Social media is a marketer’s dream platform, and it is the most effective platform one can use to grow their business online. However, considering the array of social media platforms available right now, and the endless range of advice available on how to effectively use social media, it can all get pretty overwhelming. Plus, sometimes it’s the simpler and quicker methods that can be the most effective. Hence, to that end, here are a few simple yet quick social media techniques that will aid you in growing your business:

1) Create and share quality content constantly

Consistency is key here. It’s no good if you post 5 great posts today and then post nothing for the next three days. You need regular posts in order to keep your audience engaged. And the best frequency level is, at least, one quality post a day. You can even re-share or re-purpose old content if you want. Or else, even consider scheduling posts for a month in advance: Just ensure you post good content regularly.

2) Be human

While scheduled posts are great. Do take the time to interact with your followers on social media. And, especially if they’re interacting with your posts, react in a friendly and human manner instead of a stiff and rehearsed manner. In fact, let some of your posts and tweets be a little spontaneous and on the casual side as well; be yourself. Your followers will be keener to interact with a human rather than a machine on social media.

3) Conduct regular Q & A sessions

Holding question and answer sessions on social media is a great way to interact with your followers and get an idea about what they really like. Use these sessions to not only get their opinions, but also to give them the opportunity to ask you questions as well. Contact SEO Freelancer Mumbai For Social Media Marketing @+91-8451924760 or Now!

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page?


How to Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page?

When it comes to business, it is practically a requirement that you have a Linkedin account. So, the fact that you’ve set up a Linkedin Company Page for your business was a definite step in the right direction! However, in order to get enough engagement for your Linkedin Company Page, you also need to keep it updated and relevant, with all the required sections duly and interestingly filled out, while still maintaining a level of professionalism that will reflect well on your brand.

So, the next time you’re going to revamp your page,  here’s 4 improvements to keep in mind:

1) Include your website URL in your banner:

Yes, your Linkedin company page already has a section where you can mention your URL. However, you need to keep this section flexible as you can change it. (We’ll get to why in a minute.)

So, to make sure that your followers or page visitors can always find your main website, include it in your page’s banner image.

2) Change your “Website” section when you have new links:

As mentioned in the previous point, you can change the URL you entered under the “Website” section of your Linkedin Company Page. But we’re not talking about adding a new website URL. Rather, add a link to any new event, publication, or content that your company has recently generated and that you want to promote. For instance, if you have an even coming up, change the URL to that link. Or else, if you have a newly published e-book, enter the URL to where visitors and followers can either download, preview, or buy the e-book. (And so on.)

3) Post updates on the page regularly:

 Understand that, even if it’s for professionals, Linkedin is still a social media site. And hence, you need to engage and interact with your followers and potential audiences online if you want to stay relevant. As such, you’ll need to post updates on your page regularly (ideally every week to every day) and then respond and engage with whoever interacts with those updates.

4) Use the “Specialities Section to improve your page’s visibility:

In the specialities section, list keyword-like specialities that your company is relevant to as well – in addition to your company’s regular skills and expertise. Simply consider this section like a batch of keywords that’ll improve your page’s visibility.

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3 Tips To Grow Your Pinterest Following & Traffic


3 Tips To Grow Your Pinterest Following & Traffic

Pinterest has often been touted as the best social media site for ecommerce. But that’s rather selling it short: For it’s great for other kinds of web portals too – as long as you have an image to link it with. And, in today’s time, with visually sensitive users being the prime target population online, it will be strange if you actually don’t have at least one image for each post you make.

Anyway, moving on: Are you looking to improve your Pinterest following and traffic? Well, look no more! Here are some very simple ways in which you can instantly cause an increase in your number or Pinterest followers and drive more web traffic to your pins:

1) Use relevant keywords in your profile

Everything from your user name to profile description is a prime area for you to enter keywords that are relevant to your pins. Don’t be happy with a simple user name and a one-line profile description. Instead, revamp it so that it includes common search terms for your theme of pins. This will instantly bring you within the radar of many more Pinterest users when they search for pins regarding those keywords you’ve included in your profile. (And don’t forget to include your website address!)

2) Use relevant keywords in your board descriptions

It doesn’t matter if you have 5 boards or 20. To get more engagement – and to be found more often – you need to update the descriptions of your boards. And again, you need to include keywords and main terms that people search when they look for such pins.

3) Be descriptive in your pin descriptions

Many just re-pin what they like to their boards. A word to the wise though: Don’t! Instead, describe the pin in a way that is relevant and gives a hint or more of your own voice. And last, but certainly not least, make sure that each of your pins has your blog or website in its description, or that it at least has your Twitter handle in the description.

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3 Tips To Get Backlinks With Guestographics


3 Tips To Get Backlinks With Guestographics

A guestographic is a kind of semi-abbreviation/term referring to a formula that’s become a popular and effective SEO tactic to get backlinks to one’s site –

Great Content + Targeted Outreach + Added Value = Links

And this “formula” is used to create great infographics on one’s website in order to drive traffic and generate backlinks.

However, there’s a method to it. And it doesn’t just entail putting an infographic together. Design, content, and layout are key elements in creating an effective guestographic, as well as the other factors that go into generally encouraging backlinks to your site.

So, without further ado, here’s what you need to know to create a kick-ass infographic and get backlinks from it:

1) Create an Infographic on a Relevant Topic with Relevant Content

Yes, there are evergreen topics that you may possibly get away generating content on till the end of time. But that in no way means you have to say the same thing over and over again. Give a fresh perspective on that topic; include some new tips. Evergreen content should not make you lazy.

And, if you’re not writing on an “always-relevant” topic, then make sure the topic you do choose is fresh, engaging, relevant, and with top-notch content.

2) Present Focused Information on a Logical Layout

Keep your infographic data to around 7 to 10 points or less. For too much information can overwhelm the audience and fall short even if it’s great. And then, once you’ve focussed on your stream-lined data, organize it logically on the infographic (i.e., with the best content at the top, and an interesting conclusion at the end, followed by your sources.)

3) E-mail Potential Candidates About Your Infographic

Now comes the clincher: Search for and email website portals relevant to your guestographic’s information and invite them to share your infographic. And, also add the invite to offer to do a mini-post on the topic as well.

Chances are, if your infographic is interesting and well done, they’ll get back to you and take up your offer for that free mini-post, thus providing you the links to their site. Contact SEO Freelancer Mumbai @+91-8451924760 or Now!