4 Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page

linkedin company page

4 Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page

When it comes to business, it is practically a requirement that you have a Linkedin account. So, the fact that you’ve set up a Linkedin Company Page for your business was a definite step in the right direction! However, in order to get enough engagement for your Linkedin Company Page, you also need to keep it updated and relevant, with all the required sections duly and interestingly filled out, while still maintaining a level of professionalism that will reflect well on your brand.

So, the next time you’re going to revamp your page, here’s 4 improvements to keep in mind:

1) Include Your Website URL In Your Banner

Yes, your Linkedin company page already has a section where you can mention your URL. However, you need to keep this section flexible as you can change it. (We’ll get to why in a minute.)

So, to make sure that your followers or page visitors can always find your main website, include it in your page’s banner image.

2) Change Your “Website” Section When You Have New Links

As mentioned in the previous point, you can change the URL you entered under the “Website” section of your Linkedin Company Page. But we’re not talking about adding a new website URL. Rather, add a link to any new event, publication, or content that your company has recently generated and that you want to promote. For instance, if you have an even coming up, change the URL to that link. Or else, if you have a newly published e-book, enter the URL to where visitors and followers can either download, preview, or buy the e-book. (And so on.)

3) Post Updates On The Page Regularly

Understand that, even if it’s for professionals, Linkedin is still a social media site. And hence, you need to engage and interact with your followers and potential audiences online if you want to stay relevant. As such, you’ll need to post updates on your page regularly (ideally every week to every day) and then respond and engage with whoever interacts with those updates.

4) Use The “Specialities Section To Improve Your Page’s Visibility

In the specialities section, list keyword-like specialities that your company is relevant to as well – in addition to your company’s regular skills and expertise. Simply consider this section like a batch of keywords that’ll improve your page’s visibility.

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How To Get Quick Wins In SEO & Content Marketing?

SEO & Content Marketing

How To Get Quick Wins In SEO & Content Marketing?

To get right to the point: There are two ways which will acquire you such quick wins when it comes to content marketing and SEO. However, be warned that they are not a technical consideration like researching keywords and posting on social media (though these strategies are certainly applied in the process).

For, the truth is, no matter how well you research keywords and how optimally you utilize social media sites, establishing your brand will still be a long and relentless process. And, if your content or product/service isn’t up to scratch, all your efforts will come to nothing in the long run.

Now, the goal here is not just to get one-time clicks of curiosity, but to keep those who click on your site coming back for more. And in order to do that, here are two basic strategies that you must implement:

Understand Your Audience’s Interests and Needs:

These might seem relatively straightforward. But too many trot over the thorough research phase and skip this important aspect of SEO. Or, even if they do devote a good amount of time to research, they soon think they’ve gained enough information or get distracted by other data to analyse (The Internet being the information overload that it is, it’s understandable, but it’s also detrimental to effective content strategies).

The thing is, how will you attract your audience (and keep them) unless your content is something they feel they need and are interested in? And that should be the basis for all your content generation strategies. For, if you attract them with your content, and then keep producing such content, then you’re much more likely to attract more users and also keep them returning to your site.

Fulfill a Need for Your Audience that Your Competitors Do Not:

Now that you know what your users need and want, it’s time to check out how your competitors are filling those holes – and which holes they are not filling. And then, you need to tackle one of those unfulfilled needs yourself – which will, of course, get you increased and better user engagement.

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Facebook & Twitter Remarketing To Increase Website’s Traffic

Facebook Twitter Remarketing

Facebook  & Twitter Remarketing To Increase Website’s Traffic

Ever visited a website at random, read through and enjoyed some of their posts, and then you visited your Facebook account to find that posts from that website keep showing up as you browse through posts on Facebook? Or perhaps you clicked on one kind of post on Facebook itself, and although the website posts other subject categories of posts too, you keep seeing more posts about the kind of topic you visited more than the others?

Well, that bit of marketing ingenuity is thanks to the Facebook tracking pixel that was probably installed on the website you visited. This tracking pixel then keeps remarketing similar posts from that website to you on Facebook. And a website can install a tracking pixel for twitter too.

So, if you want to increase your website’s traffic, an easy way to accomplish this is by installing a tracking pixel for Facebook and Twitter on your website. This way, you can remarket your posts to those who have visited your website on Facebook and Twitter afterwards, which will most likely get you more post clicks and, consequently, more site traffic.

And of course, let’s not forget that if any of these visitors like or share your post, friends and followers from each of your website visitors’ will most likely see the posts as well, which will most probably lead to them visiting your website if they see a topic that intrigues them. And then the tracking pixel will do its work for you again; and the remarketing process for your website continues. (You’ve got to love social media!)
Still, do remember that this is a technique to help you increase your website’s traffic by remarketing to your website’s visitors and subscribers or followers on Facebook and Twitter. It’s not an umbrella method for online marketing. Simply one method for it!

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How To Build Better Brand Signals To Improve Search Visibility?


brand visibility

How To Build Better Brand Signals To Improve Search Visibility?

Brand visibility was a must for consumer engagement before the advent of the World Wide Web. And that is one of the aspects that have not changed even after businesses and brands moved to the online sphere. Because, in essence, consumers cannot do business with a brand if they do not know it exists. And in today’s digital age of global competition, it has become more important than ever to have your brand be adequately visible online.

Now, most likely you’ve already started spreading awareness of your brand and establishing your brand image. However, keeping up your brand visibility is an ongoing process that you can never let up on. And what ultimately determine your scope of brand visibility online is your brand signals. Ultimately, though, that’s where many brands falter. Because, the truth is, your brand signals need to have a constant and daily online presence in order to not be swallowed up in the rush of more powerful brands.

So if you’ve managed to reach the first search page with your main keywords, here are two must-do habits you must adopt to make sure you stay there:

1) Never Stop Producing Quality Content

Every brand has a subject area that they’re known for (or want to be known for). And you have to regularly produce quality content related to these subjects in order to keep up your range of brand signals online. Expert content and information is always welcomed by the Internet. And if your brand is tied to such content, you’re keeping yourself well on the radar.

2) Have A Strong Social Media Presence

Your brand should have accounts in multiple social media sites (like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.). And you have to share content practically every day in order to maintain your level of brand visibility. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be your original content. Simply share other content (with due credit) that your followers will enjoy, and meeting your brand signal quota for the day.

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3 Tips For Recovery Of Penalized Websites

Recovery of Penalized Website

3 Tips For Recovery of Penalized Websites

In all honesty, the methods an SEO expert has to implement to help a website recover from being penalized and gaining low ranks on search engines, is actually pretty similar to what the Search Engine Optimizer has to do to optimize a website and improve its search rankings.

This is because the methods that will help a website recover from its penalties are the SEO methods that should have been applied to the website in the first place. For, even though the new search algorithm is what is heating the seat under website owners to revamp their site’s SEO, the truth is that search engines have always gone after (and hoped for) quality content in their results. The only quirk was that, before now, many websites got into the top listings mainly because they applied a number of SEO tricks rather than focusing on quality content.

Of course, you are welcome to use SEO tricks to improve your search rankings. But that was supposed to have been done to supplement quality content in your website. Not in replacement of it.

So, if you’re working on a website to help it recover from its penalties, here are some SEO steps you should implement quickly:

1) Optimize Your Website For User Experience

Search engines take user-attitudes as law when it comes to a website. So the first thing you should do is check if your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. If not, revamp the UX design pronto!

2) Audit Your Website

Do a thorough audit of your website, and remove any spammy links, fix any broken links, and get rid of any poor quality or unoriginal content.

3) Generate Good Content

Now that you’ve gotten rid of the bad eggs stinking up your site, try to replace them with good quality, original content, and authentic links.

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How To Begin Constructing A Persona For Link Building & Social Media?

Social Link Building Persona

How To Begin Constructing A Persona For Link Building & Social Media?

When you’re designing and constructing a persona for your brand, first get the details of that persona right before you launch it. After all, this persona of yours on social media and the like is going to act like your brand’s ambassador, so it also needs to appear as an authority in the content that this persona is going to market online.

So, before you launch into this strategy, here’s what you should first cover in order to construct an effective persona:

1) Create A Unique Identity With A Target Audience

First and foremost, your persona needs a unique identity of its own. And the first thing you need to do is choose what niche of content this persona is going to involve itself in – and then what the major topics of that niche are. For example, if your persona is handling a brand in the fashion industry, you will definitely have to cover topics that are trending with the majority of this niche’s target audience. (E.g., topics on fashion design, new fashion trends, e-fashion, DIY, fashion technology, and the like.) Basically, you have to focus on the topics that will attract the majority share of readers in this niche. And this means that you have to create a voice and style for this persona as well.
Basically, your job will be alike to an image consultant’s.

2) Create A Social Identity For Your Persona Online

Once you’ve assigned your persona its target, get working on the other details that can make it an active member on social media sites – that is, decide and create the persona’s name, job title, area of expertise, profile pictures, and its various social media profile pages.

3) Develop Your Persona To Be An Effective Content Ambassador

After creating your persona, you have to develop their reputation and “real-ness”. And there are many ways you can accomplish that. For one, you can hire, rent, and borrow freelancers’ identities who have a solid reputation in your field. (Or you can hire writers and editors to write the content as well.) For another, you can use the CEO or other high-ranking official (who is part of the brand your persona’s marketing) to act as a foundation for the persona. Or, you can create and develop an entire persona from scratch.

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3 Reasons Why Good User Experience Is Now An Essential Aspect For Effective SEO


3 Reasons  Why Good User Experience Is Now An Essential Aspect For Effective SEO

The truth is, for practically any kind of information now, users turn to the World Wide Web. And then they’re spoilt for choice. Hence, in this information-driven age, what websites and brands need to focus on in order to generate better web traffic and loyal customers, is quality, relevance, and, of course, user experience.

User Experience, or UX, is now a key factor in determining whether a website’s marketing and SEO methods are effective or not. And here’s why:

1) Search Engines Now Rank Websites Based On User Experience Metrics

Search engines focus on the user’s views and positive experiences on websites more than anything else now. Hence, users’ usage data on a website – that is, amount of time spent on the web page or website, entry rate, exit rate, etc. – are what search engines are predominantly focusing on in order to rank web pages. And poor user experience – whether the content is valid or not – is one of the top reasons a user will abandon perusing a website.

2) Better User Experience Leads To Better Conversion Rates

Consider, for example, that you are an ecommerce site. You might have great products and discounts; but if your website is poorly organized, and the users who visit your site find it tiresome to navigate through your online store, it’s more than likely they’ll leave the store to shop somewhere else. Hence, it won’t matter how strongly you’ve marketed your brand and website. Poor UX can defeat all the benefits in no time flat. However, good UX can keep your customers coming back, thereby resulting in better conversion rates.

3) Good UX Gains A Brand Repeat Customers & Loyal Customers

Make no mistake: Your website’s appearance, design, proper maintenance, quality content, and ease of navigation and user experience is what will decide a customer’s impression about your brand. Hence, provide quality and relevant content for your visitors to peruse, and a good user experience for them on your website, and you’re much more likely to gain repeat visitors and loyal customers.

So, if your website’s UX needs a makeover, you’d be doing yourself a favor if you revamped it immediately. Contact SEO Freelancer Mumbai @+91-8451924760 or yogesh@seofreelancermumbai.in Now!

How To Launch A Website That Others Will Want To Link?

Website Content

How To Launch A Website That Others Will Want To Link?

Being a new website in this age of digital media explosion can be tough. For one thing, it’s likely you have a lot of competition in your niche. And for another, if you’re new and your competitors are not, that means they’ll be considered more of an authority in that niche than you are.

Don’t fret though. There are still ways to ensure that your website rapidly grows and can attract those who want to link to your content. And here are some great ways on how you can achieve that:

1)Be Creative

You may offer content to a niche others have more experience with. But you can still catch people’s eye if you use new, innovative, and creative ways to present those ideas on your website. Or instance, since videos are the new rage online right now, consider posting video content to support (or in tandem with) your text content. Or else, offer a free too or offer on your website that users will want to use.
Whatever you choose, being creative will always get you noticed.

2)Be Extensive

One way to prove to users that you are an authority in your niche is to give extensive details in your content. Sure, bite-sized pieces of content are fine sometimes, and is even preferable if you churn out regular pieces of content. But don’t underestimate the power of details in looking like an authority to be reckoned with in your field. So whether your content is large or small, be a stickler for the details and give the extensive information on the subject that other sites haven’t yet bothered with.

3)Be Keyword-Savvy

There are many web tools out there – both free and paid – that can help you find keywords related to your niche. Well, use them. Find a good batch (maybe 15 to 20?) of major and minor “exact” keywords in your niche, along with longtails (keywords in your niche with low competition), and then use them in both information giving content (e.g., how to, tips, etc.) and action-related content (e.g., buy, sign up, etc.).

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7 Viral Marketing Strategies

viral marketing

7 Viral Marketing Strategies

With so much of action taking place in the web arena every day, it is quite a challenge to grab the eyeballs. Nevertheless, it becomes easier if you employ viral marketing strategies. They are aimed at getting you visitors in droves and tailor made to make you top the charts. So, here is a low-down on the much-treasured recipes.

1.Rich Content

Valuable content is the backbone of viral marketing. Hence, it should be data driven, rich in information, packed with compelling visuals, infographics and topical in nature.

2.Optimum Sharing on Social Media Through Call To Action

Viral marketing is best done on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. And to get ahead, you should have the social media buttons along with a cool slogan in those places where click rate is highest.

3.Word of Mouth Publicity Through Influencers

The experts in your niche can make your rich content go viral by giving it a reference on their site. So, reach out to them. Make requests through mails or contact them directly.

4.Finding Place in Bloggersn Newsletters

This one is tough but if you can create content that will be useful to their readers without sounding promotional then it becomes easier to get featured.

5.Utilize The Power of Pinterest & Reddit

These two need special mention because they have huge potential. The former is useful when you have charming visuals/images and the latter when you have news related content.

6.Try Stumbleupon’s Paid Discovery

Social media sharing is super easy with Stumbleupon because its users are game for sharing. Also, you can make use of its paid discovery tool that comes quite cheap, $0.10 per page view. Use it for the few days when you are promoting your super rich content.

7.Sustaining the Viral Effect

This one is quite important and you should work on making readers sign up for newsletters, garnering likes and follows as soon as the viral effect spreads its wings. Update your content, if need be, with keywords and focus on getting backlinks from blogs in your fraternity.

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