Facebook & Twitter Remarketing To Help Increase Your Website’s Traffic

Facebook & Twitter

Facebook & Twitter Remarketing To Help Increase Your Website’s Traffic

Ever visited a website at random, read through and enjoyed some of their posts, and then you visited your Facebook account to find that posts from that website keep showing up as you browse through posts on Facebook? Or perhaps you clicked on one kind of post on Facebook itself, and although the website posts other subject categories of posts too, you keep seeing more posts about the kind of topic you visited more than the others?

Well, that bit of marketing ingenuity is thanks to the Facebook tracking pixel that was probably installed on the website you visited. This tracking pixel then keeps remarketing similar posts from that website to you on Facebook. And a website can install a tracking pixel for twitter too.

So, if you want to increase your website’s traffic, an easy way to accomplish this is by installing a tracking pixel for Facebook and Twitter on your website. This way, you can remarket your posts to those who have visited your website on Facebook and Twitter afterwards, which will most likely get you more post clicks and, consequently, more site traffic.

And of course, let’s not forget that if any of these visitors like or share your post, friends and followers from each of your website visitors’ will most likely see the posts as well, which will most probably lead to them visiting your website if they see a topic that intrigues them. And then the tracking pixel will do its work for you again; and the remarketing process for your website continues. (You’ve got to love social media!)
Still, do remember that this is a technique to help you increase your website’s traffic by remarketing to your website’s visitors and subscribers or followers on Facebook and Twitter. It’s not an umbrella method for online marketing. Simply one method for it!

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Demystifying Keywords for SEO in 2016

Demystifying SEO Keywords

Demystifying Keywords for SEO in 2016

With the year 2016 well underway now, we’re slowly untangling which SEO predictions made for 2016 is turning out to be true, and which ones are not. Still, the number of varying and sometimes contradictory predictions made about SEO was highly confusing. And, one of the main debates regarding SEO in 2016 were regarding the use of keywords. Read more

Why You Should Not Consider Email Marketing A Relic Of The Past

Email Marketing

Why You Should Not Consider Email Marketing A Relic Of The Past

With Social media, websites, online directories, podcasts, and a whole host of other marketing resources available online, it is little wonder that the “email” source of online marketing has long been pushed to the sidelines. However, if you think emails no longer have any relevance in the world of web marketing, then you’d be dead wrong. And here’s why:

Emails are Primarily Text Oriented

Now, at first glance, this might seem like a reason to not use email marketing as a technique rather than to use it. After all, when integrated media – and visual media particularly – is the trend and go-to Internet feature of the century, emails are obviously not up to scratch.
However, the fact is, a lot of people would actually be relieved to only have to deal with text for once. They’re bombarded with visual and audio messages throughout the day, most likely. And, having to sometimes only deal with text to read through can be a much-needed break. Besides, ever tried to watch a video or download an image with slower Internet speed than usual? It is annoying! And if you have to deal with buffering or half loaded images, chances are likely that you’ll simply skip the content altogether. And the same is true for your audience. Emails are much more reliable route in this particular aspect of content distribution.

Emails are Checked Constantly

The truth is, although emails are less glamorous nowadays, there’s hardly a single business or individual out there without an email address. And, emails are usually checked multiple times a day or at least once a day by most. This means, your marketing message has a higher chance of being seen in an email than anywhere else.

Your Email ID is Stored for Future Reference

When was the last time you added a contact manually to your email account? Not recently, we’re guessing. And though this is a not-oft talked about feature, the fact is, unless your email is stored as spam (and if it is, you’re marketing technique definitely needs and overhaul), your contact email will automatically be stored in your recipients’ accounts.

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Social Media Marketing: A Boon For Entrepreneurs With Limited Resources

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing: A Boon For Entrepreneurs With Limited Resources

The trickiest part about being an entrepreneur and creating and managing a startup – especially in the initial stages – is the limited amount of funds that one has to deal with. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve already gained investors or have family money backing you up. For, you’ll always have too much to spend on and decisions to make on what you can do without. And, considering that there will be no startup or customers without a product or service, it is obvious why most new entrepreneurs will opt for focusing on their product or service and leave their marketing budget for much later.

However, the beauty of the Internet age is that there are not only a lot of resources available now that are dead cheap (compared to traditional resources) but that there are also a lot of resources available online now that are absolutely free. And social media is one of the richest (and free-est) online marketing resources any entrepreneur could possibly use.

Of course, there’s a paid aspect to social media sites too. But that is completely optional. On the other hand, social media websites are primarily free and all you need to do is set up an account that is connected to your online platform and business in a number of social media websites (like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any and many other such websites) in order to reap the benefits.

After that, all you have to do is make sure you manage the accounts regularly (we would suggest that you hire someone to manage these accounts, but we’re focusing on the “free” factor of social media marketing in this article) and that you ensure every new blog post, offer, promotion, press release, or any kind of worthwhile information related to your business is automatically posted and shared on your social media accounts.

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