3 Tips For Professional SEO Link Building

Professional link building

3 Tips For Professional SEO Link Building

Link building is one of the most important aspects of SEO. It boosts your website traffic and also enhances your online reputation in a credible manner. Google loves it and rewards you generously when it comes to ranking. But the trick to mastering this aspect lies in being professional. This is to say that you cannot only depend on black hat techniques. Search engines will penalize you heavily. So, be professional and resort to white techniques as they bring good quality back links that will benefit your site profusely in the short run as well as long run. And what are those white hat techniques for professional SEO link building? Here is the answer.

1.Create valuable and compelling content

Good content is cherished by readers, search engines as well as rival sites. If you focus on infusing your content with infographics, data, creative inputs and insightful details then you are bound to get links from other sites and blogs. So, research well, express ideas in a lucid style and present your content in an attractive manner with appropriate visuals.

2.Share with experts

Merely having good content is not enough. You have to make sure that the experts from your field give it a thumbs up. And for this, you need to share your content with them. Follow them on social networks, comment on their blog posts and if it is possible, you can also ask them to do guest blogging and vice versa.

3.Make your readers your SEO Agents

Your content will get best publicity if you make provision for readers to link back to your posts. This is easily possible with social sharing buttons that you can embed at the end or starting of your posts. Try to engage your readers into discussions and they will feel more inclined to mention you on other sites and social networks.

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What Entrepreneurs Should Know About The .How Domain

.how domain

What Entrepreneurs Should Know About The .How Domain

The Internet has always, first and foremost, been a communication platform and a learning platform before anything else. And Google has always encouraged the learning aspect of the Internet. This is why Google’s “.how” domain is no surprise.

However, backtracking a bit, before we get into how and why you should use the “.how” domain that Google’s offering, let’s first explain why and what this new domain is:

To be specific, the “.how” domain was developed solely as a teaching domain. It was, in the matter of purpose, mostly for sites that catered to the DIY and tutorial genres – which is what most users look to the Internet to find in the first place.

However, currently, rather than just remaining a domain option, Google is actually encouraging website owners and entrepreneurs to make use of their “.how” domain to share some of their knowledge on the World Wide Web. By Google’s own admission, they’re encouraging this trend as they’ve found “how” is most often a player in most user searches anyway. And the advantage a site or web page would get as a .how domain is that it will instantly rank in the top search results to the relevant search. However, the downside to this particular domain is that it is pretty expensive at the moment, and also diverts you to partner websites in order to buy it, which can be a huge drawback especially for new entrepreneurs.

However, even if, an entrepreneur, you can’t or won’t make use of the “.how” domain, you should still certainly consider putting up “how to” content and other tutorials related to your niche. For, it’s fairly obvious that current SEO trends will greatly favor such content more than anything else. In fact, it might be prudent to consider “how to” as relevant keyword that you should title your content with fairly often.

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Why Building a Social Media Empire Should be on Your 2016’s List of Goals?

social media empire

Why Building a Social Media Empire Should be on Your 2016’s List of Goals?

With us well into 2016, the more relevant SEO techniques that have come up recently are a little more clear than it was before. And one of the most prominent SEO trends right now is social media.

Additionally, entrepreneurs are the most encouraged to focus on creating a strong social media empire in order to reap the SEO benefits. Of course, having a strong social media presence will benefit any online presence right now. But entrepreneurs especially will reap big benefits if they focus on building and maintaining a social media empire.

But, leaving the advice, let’s get to the heart of the matter: Why you should focus on building a social media empire in the first place.

1) The very first and most prominent reason would be search rankings. For it’s been increasingly shown that social media engagements (meaning shares, comments, likes, retweets, etc.) can make a web page that much more likely to rank higher on a search page for a relevant result.

2) And the second – almost consequent – advantage that one will also enjoy with having a strong social media empire is that it impressively increases website traffic. After all, Internet users and audiences spend more time on social media than on any other online platform, according to mast statistics. So it makes perfect sense that online audiences are more likely to visit a post or web page that they come across on their social media feeds than anywhere else.

3) Finally, another major advantage is that social media users usually get feeds and links to posts that are actually related to their interests. So there is a lot more frequency to such post clicks than what would happen when a user is looking for a specific online search.

However, one should note that it is not enough to simply build a social media empire to reap these benefits; one should also make sure to maintain it.

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Why You Should Consider Podcasting to Improve Site Traffic?


Why You Should Consider Podcasting to Improve Site Traffic?

Now, if you’re someone used to creating videos or even live video recordings to broadcast online on a regular basis, chances are that you lost interest in this post as soon as you saw the title. Well, just hang back a bit and read for a minute before you decide to skip this article, because there is definitely something here to note for the ardent vlogger as well.

First, let’s get past the basic introductions: A podcast is a digital audio file that you create and post online. In other words, while blogs consist of text and image based posts (for the major part), and vlogs consist of video posts, podcasts are basically audio blogs.

The world might be more visually driven than ever before, but never underestimate the power of audio. For a lot of people out there are happy to have something interesting to listen to while they commute, take a walk, or even while waiting in a queue. And when it comes to improving your online presence and SEO, podcasts are a great way to improve site traffic – sometimes even better than videos and images – and here’s why:

●Podcasts use up less Internet speed and less digital storage space than videos usually do, which makes downloading podcasts a simple and easy process.

●Podcasts, of course, can be downloaded and listened to at any time at the convenience of the user. But what really still keeps podcasts popular is that it frees your eyesto concentrate on other tasks – such as driving or cooking. And this is an advantage over text, imagery, and video content. Consequently, since podcasts only need one of the five human senses to work, it does not distract users as much as visual content.

Hence, the only real requirement one needs when developing a podcast is that you develop content for your podcasts that interests your targeted online audience. And if you past that hurdle, podcasts will do a great job at increasing your site traffic by spades.

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6 Tips To Get Indexed Fast


6 Tips To Get Indexed Fast

Every blogger/site owner wants to see their web property featuring on the top of the search engine result pages. Of course, it is a super tough fight out there and 1st position is nearly impossible, what with billions vying for the same position. But one can achieve a fair rank and get indexed fast with some result-oriented tricks and tips. These tricks help you to catch the attention of the search engine bots and they will crawl your site faster. So, here are the gems:

1.Article submission on popular and credible sites

Sites like Ezinearticles, Buzzle, Wikihow, Hubpagesare known to give you instant push when it comes to recognition from search engines. So, create a good post with rich content and submit it on these sites.

2.Blog post commenting

Sites and blogs that are frequently updated and possess good page rank are helpful in getting backlinks. All you have to do is comment on the posts and paste your site’s link thereon. Do it in moderation and choose sites that have recent comments section.

3.Active social media promotion

Fan pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others can go a long way in getting your site fast indexing. These sites have high-speed crawl rates and the new pages have better chances of getting picked. So, create one and keep your URL at the top in the bio/about section.

4.Using blog pinger services

These are underrated but quite useful especially if you are launching a site. Names include Pingler, Pingates, Pingomatic, Feedshark, Mypagerank ping and many more.

5.Participation on forums like Yahoo

Forums like Yahoo can get you a good number of backlinks and visitors. Google and other search engines view them favorably and thus, are sure to link to your site quickly.

6.Creation and submission of XML sitemap

Simple but quite effective. Just submit your XML sitemap with Google webmaster tools.
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3 Tips How Email Lists & Newsletters can Increase Site Traffic

email marketing

3 Tips How Email Lists & Newsletters can Increase Site Traffic

Email marketing is one of the oldest online marketing tools that have been used by businesses for long. However, due to the growing popularity of social media, it seems to have taken a backseat. If you also think that it is losing its relevance, you are quite mistaken. It is still effective and will remain so in future as well. As per a McKinsey report, it is 40 times more effective than social media and also leads to 3 times more sales than social media.

Email lists and newsletters are economical, fast and interactive. They offer a solid foundation for marketing and also play a key role in increasing site traffic. Here is how

1.They Have A Wider Reach

Emails/newsletters give you the option to include share and forward buttons in your messages which means you can easily get your subscribers to bring more visitors to your site. You can then offer these new visitors sign up forms and turn them into subscribers/customers.

2.They Are Easy To Track & Measure

The best part about emails/newsletters is that they let you measure click through rate, conversation rate and other variables which aids further research and you can modify your marketing efforts to bring more visitors. The findings of the email marketing data offer great insights into users’ behavior.

3.They Integrate Well With Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great tool to boost your traffic and following. The good news is that emails/newsletters integrate well with the former. You can add social media icons in the mails which, when shared and forwarded, result in more traffic to your social media page as well as site/blog. Also email gated social media content like contests, webinars, coupons and quizzes help to strengthen the email list and gain more subscribers.

So, next time you feel like dismissing emails/newsletters, do remind yourself of these benefits. Contact SEO Freelancer Mumbai @+91-8451924760 or yogesh@seofreelancermumbai.in Now!

How Website Loading Speed Influences Google SEO Rankings?

website/page load speed

How Website Loading Speed Influences Google SEO Rankings?

The need for better speed has been there ever since the dawn of human civilization. So, is it any wonder that netizens are always craving for more speed, be it their internet service provider or search engines or websites. It is a well-known fact that the web space is crammed with loads of content and billions of sites which make it difficult for search engines to crawl and curate them. So, if your site takes longer to load, you are bound to be penalized. Google, in 2010, has already announced that speed impacts ranking. It has also declared that slow-performing mobile sites will face the music.

This means low Website/Page Loading Speed is equal to low ranking. But how exactly speed leads to poor ranking.

1.It shares an inverse relationship with attention span of audience

It has been proven beyond doubt that the attention span of netizens is pretty low which makes it imperative for your site to load faster in order to entice them and keep them engaged. If it is slow, you will be ignored, even if you have awesome content or products. This means less traffic and thus, poor ranking by Google.

2.It affects user experience negatively

Low speed means frustrated users which naturally leads to abandonment or worse still negative reviews. This automatically translates into less sharing or no sharing. Google takes user experience very seriously and uses it as an important parameter while awarding ranks.

Needless to say, site speed is of utmost importance if you want to impress Google. It is one of the significant factors that the giant search engine takes into account for ranking. Therefore, you have to be cautious while implementing new design or code or while adding content or plugins. Test them beforehand and if you find out that they are interfering with the speed, hold on. The losses may far outweigh the gains.

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3 Benefits of Integrated Media & SEO

seo & social media1

3 Benefits of Integrated Media & SEO

Ever since the advent of online marketing, SEO has played a key role in its success. Despite the continuous and fast evolution of internet marketing, it has still maintained its relevance. The rules of search engines have changed and so have their algorithms but SEO has managed to keep pace with the changes. It still forms an integral part of online marketing with the only difference that marketers have begun to align it with overall marketing strategy which includes social media, PPC, content marketing and offline marketing strategies. You would be surprised to know about the benefits of integrated media campaigns inclusive of SEO.

1.It maximizes your online presence

When a business is on all the platforms such as social media andin search engines results, it automatically gets better recognition and attention. Integrated marketing establishes you everywhere, thereby, creating a solid web presence which leads to more traffic and conversions.

2.It builds trust among audience and enhances your brand value

When you appear in organic search engine results, paid results and social media searches simultaneously, the users are bound to believe in your competence and credibility. It helps to grow you as a brand and also brings more customers/sales for your business.

3.It makes the marketing task easier as you can leverage the overlapping activities

The different internet marketing tools have many common threads which the marketing team can use to get better results and reduce their workload. For example, keyword search is as much a part of SEO as it is about social media because the latter is also a kind of search engine. User behavior data is needed for email marketing as well as content marketing.

In short, integrated media marketing is the need of the hour. It gives better results in comparison to standalone strategies. Another name for systematic and seamless approach, you really need to integrate with it.

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Blogging: The Oft Underappreciated Yet Essential Online Marketing Technique


Blogging: The Oft Underappreciated Yet Essential Online Marketing Technique

Between podcasting and PPC and practicing various other SEO techniques, blogging as an online marketing technique is something most online marketers have avoided, or have simply pushed to the sidelines to handle “later”.

However, the truth is, no SEO technique (or a whole battalion of SEO techniques) is going to be a replacement for good content. In fact, if you run a website, or are even running someone else’s website for them, you should know and remember that SEO techniques are merely methods to make the content you have more easily found on search engines. But there’s no use for support systems if there is nothing to support. And that “something” to support is content.

Of course, you probably already set up your main website content. This is perfectly fine and also necessary. But, Google’s search engine will only notice you, and keep noticing you, if you have new, fresh, and regular content constantly updating on your web domains. And this is where maintaining a blog will help immensely.

In addition to this, you’d be doing yourself a favor by blogging: Blog posts can give you the freedom to be more informal, and they can be used to give detailed information on various topics related to your website that you might not have been able to fit in anywhere else. Blogs are also interactive domains, and will hence give you a more direct connection with your readers too. Also, it give you an easy way to gauge (through likes, ratings, etc.) what kind of content your audience is more attracted to too. Plus, it’s an easy way to get feedback as well.

Whatever the case though, in 2016’s content-oriented approach, you might well not be able to do without blogging if you want to maintain and improve your online presence.

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Why Quizzes Are a Better Than Webinars?


Why Quizzes Are a Better Than Webinars?

If you’re a fan of Webinars, don’t fret. Webinars still have their place on your website. Just don’t use them for online marketing purposes and you’re as good as gold.

The fact is, while Webinars were a great thing in the past, in today’s world of fast-paced movement, Webinars are rather slow and irritating. And here’s why:

Webinars have to be viewed live

Everyone has a schedule, and everyone is busy nowadays. So, can you consider how irritating it would be to fix a time in their schedule for your website’s webinar with no hope of being able to juggle it? Now, the webinar might have been a priority if you were a having a specialized meeting that everyone saw why they must attend, or if you were hosting a training session or class that your viewers had signed up for. But for marketing purposes? To expand your brand’s awareness? Nope. Your webinar will not be a priority in that case.

A marketing related webinar is a generalized session

The truth is, your marketing related webinar is probably giving a bunch of different viewers (both those whom you invited and those who finally attend) a very generalized piece of information that they might have never opted to look or otherwise. Your information is most likely to be generic, or something that only remotely touches on your many individual viewers’ specialized interests. Hence, unless you have incredible skills as an orator and are capable of keeping your audience hanging on to every word, you’ll lose most of them within the first minute.

How quizzes are more effective

Quizzes are bite-sized pieces of info with options that audiences simply have to click on to choose one. Plus, they can take it any time they want and can skim through the quiz quickly. It’s great for you as well as you get the information you require without all the setup a webinar would have needed.

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