11 SEO Tips For E-commerce Websites

eCommerce seo tips

11 SEO Tips For E-commerce Websites

E-commerce is one of the most promising niches in the web industry with huge growth potential but it is also the most challenging. This is particularly true with respect to SEO strategies because unlike other regular sites and blogs, the e-commerce sites offer limited content ideas, have less scope for backlinks and their pages are also huge in number and thus, optimization becomes a tough task. Nevertheless, it can be achieved if you utilize these tips.

1.Focus on garnering more customer reviews as it enhances your credibility in the eyes of search engines.

2.Write unique product descriptions and check for content duplication as there are lots of similar products on your site.

3.Work on the keywords and strategize on selective keywords for each landing page.

4.Have user-friendly permalinks and regularly post fresh content on the homepage and in the blog section.

5.Pay attention to internal linking with respect to related products, comparison pages, popular products, most sold and product categories.

6.Check your site for speed. The loading time should not be more than 4 seconds.

7.Make sure the site architecture is user friendly. The navigation, search and purchase procedure for customers should be easygoing and simple. Also, give out correct address and contact details.

8.Promote your products on video sites like Vimeo, YouTube and images sites such as Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, etc.

9.Publicize events and news related to your new product launches, sales, special offers, etc. with the help of press releases and news submission sites.

10.Be active on question answer forums and work on engaging existing as well as potential customers on social media. This can be achieved with quizzes and contests.

11.Go for guest blogging and do submit your products on Google product search.

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What You Need To Know About Deciding The Length Of Your Content

Content Length

What You Need To Know About Deciding The Length Of Your Content

The length of any piece of content, especially when it comes to SEO, has long been an important factor in online marketing discussions. Even more confusingly, while the last decade or so has seen research and statistics and experts vehemently declare that short blocks of content are the best form of content on the Web, recent research has stated the opposite (and that too, with plenty of arguments from the opposite front).

Now, for the most part, these leaps in SEO techniques have been blamed on Google algorithm changes for its search engine. However, that doesn’t help when we’re faced with opposing views about our content and we have no clue which is the right way to go.

Practically speaking though, longer content may well be the way to go now, in spite of the opposition. For, as Google’s search algorithm is now looking for high quality content, it stands to reason that more information is a more attractive feature.

However, don’t go overboard. If your content can be surmised effectively in 300 words or less, go ahead. Just don’t go out of your way to trim the fat, as those trimmings might well be what makes it interesting to your audience. But, if you add superfluous content that irritates readers and make them bounce from your site, you will just be undoing all your hard work.

Conversely, if your topic of choice does require a higher word-count, again, give in to the need, and don’t go out of your way to shorten it more than necessary. The condition you must follow with longer content though, is this: Don’t have a page-long paragraph or go on and on without a break. You have a 2000 word article you want to post? Go right ahead. But divide the article into two to three or five line paragraphs for readability and use a comfortable font. And, if you can use sub-headings too, please do!

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What You Haven’t Been Told About Using Backlinks For SEO

SEO Backlinks

What You Haven’t Been Told About Using Backlinks For SEO

Chances are that you’ve already seen the recent debate about using backlinks for SEO in 2016: While some declare that Google no longer cares about whether or not you use backlinks and that it makes no difference, still others insist that backlinks are definitely a must have to boost your web rankings on Google.

Well, here’s what those debates haven’t clarified yet:

One –  yes, backlinks are still useful for SEO and you shouldn’t do away with them; just make sure your content is of good to high quality as well and that backlinks aren’t your only claim to Google search fame.

Two –  when using backlinks, what you need are backlinks from a number of different web domains in order for Google to take interest; not a bunch of backlinks from the same domain.

In other words, using backlinks as an SEO technique will be effective only if you have backlinks from many different domains. But, instead, even if you have 50 or more backlinks from the same domain, you’re not going to catch any of the benefits. In fact, having backlinks to three different web domains will be 20 times more effective for SEO than having 10 backlinks from the same web domain.

So now comes the important question: How does one get these backlinks from different web domains? Well, the short answer is good quality content (and yes, we have now come full circle by mentioning quality content again). Because, folks, the truth is, nothing is ever going to beat or replace good quality content. Any other SEO technique you use – whether one or many – are simply only going to be enhancements.

Still, once you’ve got the content, remember this backlink detail about using different domains in order to get the best results from this technique.

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The Truth About Web Content & Web Audiences Short Attention Spans


content & Audience

The Truth About Web Content & Web Audiences Short Attention Spans

We have all heard the observation that web audiences have short attention spans and that therefore writing on the Internet should be as short as possible. Now, this is an important factor when it comes to  SEO, because it is not only influences the length of our web content, but also, to a point, how much information we put into the post.

Google’s recent algorithm changes to its search engine, has made our decisions for content formation more important than ever before. For Google isn’t looking much for keywords and links anymore. Rather, it is more interested in content quality, user satisfaction, and how much useful information a post imparts to its audience. And, considering this, the more practical way to go is to have longer content with more information in it. However, that also goes against the “short attention span” we’ve been told we must cater to on the Web.

Only, it doesn’t. For we’ve long been greatly misinterpreting the term and our web audiences:

An audience with a short attention span doesn’t actually mean they are incapable of paying attention for a longer span of time than a few seconds or minutes. Rather, it means that they’re not willing to wait for the writer to get to the point while they beat around the bush. However, if you start your content in a way that catches their interest, and give clear and relevant information as your content unfolds, then your web audience’s attention will not waver.

Of course, this means that your content shouldn’t ramble on with no point or end in sight. And you definitely need to make sure that your content doesn’t repeat itself unnecessarily or keep making the same point. But, if you shave off the extra and unnecessary bits, provide the information you intended, organize your points to flow smoothly and evenly, and format your content into small paragraphs that are easy to swallow and comprehend, then it doesn’t matter how big your post is; you’ll find ample readers and traffic.

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