Why We Can’t Do Keyword Research Like It’s 2010

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Why We Can’t Do Keyword Research Like It’s 2010

Keyword research forms a major part of the work that online marketers do in order to execute their marketing campaigns. And it is a very detailed task where one has to be analytical, observant and up to date. Well, the web world is constantly evolving and keyword research has also undergone some revolutions. So, here we give you three reasons why we can’t do keyword research like it is 2010.

1. The focus is on quality of search and not quantity

It used to be the practice with SEO people that they would focus on creating separate pages for every possible phrase and term in a bid to target maximum keywords. This is not to be continued with and one should evaluate the intent of the searcher while doing keyword research. If certain keywords are intended for same results, a single piece of content would do. Read more

How To Provide Unique Value In Your Content?

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How To Provide Unique Value In Your Content

In the present times, no website can function without appealing content. You have to put efforts into creating valuable content that beats the clutter and competition in the web world and succeeds in getting attention. So, here are the five important characteristics that your content must possess:

1. Relevant

Your content must possess details that audience and search engines are looking for. It should be topical and related with the subject that is being searched. A topic can have many variations and interpretations. So, you should be clear, consistent and focused on the subject that you take up. Read more

How Local SEO Works For Small Businesses

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How Local SEO Works For Small Businesses

Every business, worth its salt, would agree that they cannot do without SEO in the digital world which underlines the huge importance of this very basic and potent tool of online marketing. But if you are a small business looking to gain a foothold in your area and expandthereof, it would do you a lot of good to invest in local SEO. Why?It will bring you relevant traffic with higher conversion rate. You will see a considerable increase in your online business deals. And last but not the least; your ranking will get an appreciable boost. Read more