2 Ways To Narrow Down Your Social Media Target Audience

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2 Ways To Narrow Down Your Social Media Target Audience

With social media being as vast and widely used as it is nowadays, getting your ad to be found by the right people on social media is more difficult to accomplish than before. Luckily, though, there’s a relatively simple solution to this problem: Narrow down your ad’s social media target audience. For, this will not only help you reach a narrower, more specific, and personalized consumer group, but it will also give you more to work with as you can now personalize your ad to suit this smaller target audience.

To that end, here are two practical ways you can specify your social media target audience to a narrower demographic:

1) Specify the Gender of Your Ad’s Target Audience

The gender of your business’s niche consumer group is a more important factor than one would think. In fact, it would be a good idea to conduct a thorough amount of research into your business to find out whether its males or females who are more prominent in using and buying your products and services. For, in many business marketing plans, a lot of the marketing strategy is targeted at males when their dominant customer group is actually female. Or else, you might be catering to your dominant gender group with your ad while utterly ignoring the other gender group, even though your product and/or service is equally saleable to that other gender group.

2) Include More Specific Demographic Data to Narrow Down Your Ad’s Target Audience

Specifying certain professional designations in your ad’s target audience settings (like lawyer, doctor, teacher, etc.), or even specifying certain interests in your ad’s targeting options (like cooking, gardening, movies, etc.) will get you a more specific target niche for your ads on social media. Even making a separate, more personalized ad for each demographic characteristic you specify will get you better results.

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