2 Ways To Customize Your Blog Posts to Stand Out on Twitter



2 Ways To Customize Your Blog Posts to Stand Out on Twitter

We’ll get to the point: It’s all about the visual content.

In other words, your tweets will stand out more if they include visual content. And this goes for your tweetable blog posts too. After all, if you want people to notice your blog post links on their twitter feed, you need to first catch their eye. And images can help you do that.

Here’s how you can optimize and fix your Twitter account and your blog posts so that they stand out on your followers’ Twitter news feeds:

1) Set Up Twitter Cards

If you have a blog, make sure that each and every one of your blog posts have an accompanying image. If any of them don’t, add an image. And also make sure that the “Tweet Post to Twitter” button is available under each post on your blog and on every web page on your website.
Then, set up Twitter Cards on your blog and linked Twitter Account. For, once you do, Twitter Cards will use your tweeted blog post’s image and the image’s description every single time a blog post is tweeted from your site. And these media rich cards will make your tweeted links stand out all the more on Twitter.

2) Make Your Blog Post Images Twitter-Sized

This is an alternative to using Twitter Cards. Here, you basically resize your blog post images so that their dimensions match the preview dimensions on Twitter. This way, every time your blog post is tweeted, the image relevant to that post can be automatically previewed in full. This helps as previews of cut-off or partial images are less attention-grabbing than complete images on Twitter. (The only disadvantage here is that the blog post images will be optimized for Twitter, but not necessarily for other social media platforms.)

Which method you opt for is up to you. But either way, the point is to tweet your content with images at center-stage.

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