2 Steps To Take Before You Introduce Yourself To Traditional Media Influencers

Traditional Media

2 Steps To Take Before You Introduce Yourself To Traditional Media Influence’s

Do you remember the rule of you needing to catch a user’s attention in the first ten or twenty seconds of them seeing your content? Well, a media Influencer (even those ruling traditional media like TV, radio, and print) also decides whether or not to work with you within the first 10 to 20 seconds of contact. Hence, doing your groundwork before you contact an Influencer is important. So here’s what you need to prepare:

1) Keep Your Website Updated

Before you contact a media Influencer, check your website: Are there any broken links? Are all your pages full of updated content? Do your images need to be updated? Is your website responsive? And is your website copyright updated for the current year? If any of these aspects is amiss, fix it right away! You want to come across as professional and serious and savvy, after all. And any gaps in your website’s functionality will not help you make that impression.

2) Create a Great Cover Page for Your Twitter Account

Most traditional media Influencers can be found on Twitter. And hence, that’s a great place for you to reach out to such traditional media Influencers (especially journalists). But before you do that, just like your website’s functionality was important, your Twitter profile needs to be checked and spruced up too: Concentrate on creating an original cover page for your Twitter profile – one that is professional as well as representative of what your brand and business stands for. Also, keep your own photo on your Twitter profile instead of your logo (you can include the logo in your cover page instead if your wish). Media Influencers will be more inclined to work with you if they feel like they’re interacting with an actual person rather than a professional brand.


When you do make contact, don’t ever talk about why you need the media Influencer to sign off on you or what’s beneficial for you. You need to instead talk about what you’re offering them in terms of content.

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