2 Reasons Why Your Business Should Start Using Emojis On Social Media


2 Reasons Why Your Business Should Start Using Emojis On Social Media

So you’ve set up the required social media accounts you need for your business and you’re interacting with your customers and posting as you should. That’s great. But one feature of social media that most businesses generally avoid using is emojis.

Of course, there are reasons for that: Emojis might not suit the message or image of your brand that you’re trying to communicate. Emojis might look childish and far too informal for a business or brand’s account. And besides, your business had engaged fine on social media so far without using emojis, so why change something that doesn’t need fixing?

Well, here are two solid reasons why you should consider using emojis on social media in 2017:

1) They make social media conversations and posts more personal and conversational

Social media is a platform for conversations, discussions, and social interaction in general. In a sense, social media is like the physical social centers/platforms that existed when the Internet didn’t exist yet and long distance communication was still tedious and/or expensive (think marriage halls, reunions, marketplaces, and the like). The only difference now is that communication is virtual and from behind screens. But the basic purpose of a social platform hasn’t changed; and that means personal interaction.

On top of that, customers and users are looking to have more personal interactions with the brands and businesses they engage with. And that need for personal and personalized conversations on social media reached an all-time high last year.

On that count, using emojis actually helps your business appear more human and less automated-branding-mechanism – which is what your brand and business should look like on social media.

2) Emojis can enhance your social media message much more effectively, and with less character counts and content

A picture is worth a thousand words, and an emoji or two can enhance your social media post much more effectively than text alone could do. Emojis are especially effective in social media platforms like Twitter too, where character counts are limited per post.

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