2 Kinds Of Videos Every Business Should Post In Order To Drive Traffic

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2 Kinds Of Videos Every Business Should Post In Order To Drive Traffic

The research on the popularity of videos online has come in and the results show a landslide of positive reception. Hence, any business – big or small – is missing out on prime marketing potential if they don’t make videos as part of their Internet and social media marketing plans. However, while video ads and visual messages are all well and good, limiting your business to marketing messages alone is a bad plan. Rather, you’ll catch more flies with honey (as the saying goes) than with “buy me” signs (as the saying’s been customized).

On that note, here are the two types of videos your business needs that will act as the “honey” to drive Web traffic your way: How-To videos, and Product Walkthrough videos.

1) How-To Videos

How-To videos are instructional videos. And currently, these kinds of videos have the highest number of searches, impressions, and views online. These videos usually teach users a particular kind of skill or how to do a particular task. For example, videos on “How to Tie a Tie,” or “Recipe for Homemade Lasagne” are how-to videos. And as a business, all you need to do is make a how-to video in relation to your product. For example, if you’re a grocery business, a cooking video using some or all of your ingredients will work; or even a “How to Plant Tomatoes in Your Balcony” video will work. Just make sure that the main purpose of your video is instruction.

2) Product Walkthrough Videos

These kinds of videos are similar to how-to videos in that these are instructional videos too. However, these videos focus on you product: They are product demo videos that show your customers how to use your product for [the product’s] common purposes.

With both these videos, you shouldn’t try to sell your product. This kind of video is solely made to help solve a problem or query your audience/customers might have.

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